Thursday, 26 July 2012

Whether the Void or the Voice inside?

Its 2 am in the morning, and my hands just didn’t stop from writing this. It comes at a time in my life when things are very mystifying. Be it my thoughts, situations at hand or the recent experiences. I realise that things are changing fast and couldn’t say it better than this, I think I'm nervous. It's about not taking the normal route of life and finding what makes you happy, but doing things out of the box, no matter what and doing it rapidly.

A mere Void is what, my life has become;
An obscure being now, ludicrously gruesome.
Smiles, Laughter & Happiness, in this soul to decay;
Hopelessness, sombre & melancholy, embraces me today.

That night my soul screamed at, where it thought humanity dwells;
To insolence & disdain, embodied those nocturnal spells.
Shadows casting across tremble the soul, all in bewilderment
A mystical sense of reality shells the creatures of predicament.

A Void builds an awful wreckage, almost taking my soul away;
Making it further futile to hope, dream and pray.
Pressing my forehead on the door, this futile mind seeks guidance;
Reeling towards me a hazy illusion, as I resolve to combat that instance.

If I can endure for 'this' moment, whatever is occurring to me;
No matter how reluctant I feel, or how hopeless the moment may be.
If I believe myself, just like you trust that to be true;
I'll for sure resurrect with every dawn, that'll see a new day too.

Life never loses its ability, to nurture noble causes to smile.
And to be a cause to many other smiles, pursue one as you walk their mile.
Let's live every day, even though it's face is unknown to you;
I know Life seems a mystery, and that Death holds the clue.

In longevity, many storms will rage;
Most subside but some relapse that u can’t cage.
The strong winds will fade, but just let faith ride;
Your inner voice will save you, the Voice inside.

"Never keep those complicated things locked up inside you, they'll make you sick" ~Maya

I loved loving you...

This short poem represents mixed feelings of uncertainty in love, confusion caused by distance, disbelief and the very predicaments.
When we are skeptical of the extent of trust we have on us and on our much-loved, the beauty of that bond fades away into oblivion.
Be strength to your Soul mate, and not a weakness.

When I look into your eyes and see things you don't comprehend,
That’s when you get confident of, where those things seem to bend.

Even those answers you're trying to seek,
Keep urging you to taste my soul, and not think.

This endless something that I am breathing deep inside,
Portrays the illusion of myself and all I have to hide.

This confusion, relentless longing for something more than this,
I endeavour to find this being that I envisage, yet seem to miss.

I'd assure you all is fine, although quietly intimidated throughout the day;
A decision, a choice, whatever may come, to my dismay.

And again I miss you by my side, amid this journey so incomplete;
Is this togetherness? My contemplation now, profound and discreet.

"Whenever you miss me, that very feeling within you, is Me."
 I loved loving you, my Buddy, my Soul mate!

It’s in Love, that I wish to be in, with you!

I found you, and now, you no more need to look for me,
Since you shall find me everywhere, I'm meant to be.

Can you take me there, where the snow peaks kiss the sky?
Your dream now I seek too with a watchful eye.

You and Me, a cause with reason, feels such a sterile emotion;
And makes it a creation, that seeks no answer, no justification.

Hope and peace filled my soul, where once only turmoil dared;
Regardless of any miff, only love runs to your soul that cared.

As I look within and trust my instincts this time,
I feel a safe embrace emancipating warmth, so sublime.

In your faith, this world I chose to out-caste,
I think our souls taste alike, that shall firmly last.

Those blissful moments always play in my heart,
And though bodies are, but my soul from yours is never apart.

"You and Me, Together are You."

We were there….tasting raindrops!

We went to our very own promenade, for no real reason at all;
But before the fire could ignite, the rain began to fall.
We could have left instantly, while I insisted you to stay in the rain;
Such tight got the interlock of ten fingers, that both couldn’t refrain.

Seeing in your eyes, I saw myself falling in love with you;
You said “I love you”, and in my mind I said it too.
That moment when I looked at you, your eyes gave me a sigh;
At the most cutest gaze, as I wondered, why?

Those young feelings within, could never be counted;
Reticence or restraint, by then, had all got surmounted.
That’s when our eyes began talking about all of this;
Every taste of our souls then topped with a kiss.

Then, facing the sea, we held each other on that one special rock,
In my heart is now safe, that passionate lip lock.
Those young feelings I tasted, seemed worth every second of bliss
So whenever I reminisce such moments, I think of my raindrop kiss.

This poem is special to me and will remain very close to my heart.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

A coincidence, but meant to be..

He had lost all, plus hope too had fled,
Despair was strong and strength was dead. 
Some unexpressed feelings never really die,
But boomerang after they're buried alive.

Eventually that quest began on a dark lonely night,
Cutting through the silvery mountains, tough was every plight.
Those anxious eyes constantly looked for the reason of its being;
Emerged from the mist, a Mirage revealing that every string.

He'd lost that little faith in life, she was meant to protect;
Oblivious he was that until she existed, from many storms he'd resurrect
Those mystical eyes would watch him, from wherever they could;
Through the tears he'll see them quietly appear, only to lift his mood

And since those times, every moment this heart wants to treasure,
Something new, something unknown, that respites fully to its pleasure;
He'd realised she was now hinting all those right things,
He sighed and said to himself, let’s see what Time brings.

Now, he always finds her mystical presence by his side,
On her assuring silence n shying eyes, lulls his every stride.
This moonlight wishes their togetherness that the stars now foresee;
The skies too reveal that they’d soon discern, what this is meant to be.

Monday, 2 July 2012

I’d still have you….

Those passed moments said a lot, even though I seemed to refrain;
Do you need another such moment, to realise it, yet again?

I wouldn’t be able to define even if I ever wanted to,
But then this is all I have and you know, it is just for you.

This silence enfolds a retort, try and listen to, what it can hold,
For me, you are the One who can fathom what it has to unfold.

Missing some conversations, in the craziest bond to be;
I think I know that itch, dwelling inside you and me

Your words through me, stood shrill and impromptu;
When it’s so easy with others, why does it get so difficult with you?

Every time I'm talking to you, your eyes begin talking to mine;
And then I realize how easy it is to pick up that every sign.

Once I saw your smile and I knew it wasn’t for me,
That is when I really missed you, and you couldn’t see.

I’ll be the same as everyone else, since it didn’t come true,
And regardless of any interlude, I’d still have you.

A prelude to that Interlude ….

Those shying mystical eyes he recognised, he'll forever treasure;
The way his heart now beats for them, nothing can measure.

T ‘was him, who could retrieve her from the greater silence, 
Only to discern each other in their greatest pretence.

A crazy bond yields sum wonderful memories, meant to cherish each day;
To every hope in our hearts, in a flash we see them perish away.

That esplanade beheld every veil that was all set to fall, 
But nigh on a revelation, an interlude led to a wall.

And then he decided to turn his back to let it bypass,
Oblivious he was that the pain was walking through glass.

The silent her longing is, the more noise he can instill;
Those unsaid words will soon echo, the moment they reveal

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Letter

Although he knows there isn't any factual device to fathom his innermost feelings for her, he still seeks it and wants to grasp its ways. And one day he had let himself out to her in a letter, he wrote once….

· · ·

Dear , Do you remember our meetings, how difficult they used to be?
I know you now realise how oblivious you were to me.
I had let things go, wishing for your happiness and fulfilling my heart’s longing for you by focusing my selfish desires to be with you into perfection of unconditional love. There may come a time when we may no longer be able to talk, could look at each other’s eyes anymore, or even say ‘Hi’ to each other near the coffee machine.
Nevertheless, you know, there’s always someone who opens up the world for you and that moment offers a sense of our own existence. For me that moment, that someone was you. You’ve existed in various forms for me, be it real or reverie. You had some magic that awakened a sluggish me.  You changed my life. You are the reason for whatever I am today.
You like Music, you had told me one time,
And because you like, several songs in my mind use to chime.
You give me some hope I can’t define. You make my day with your every call or message. Your wittiness encourages me to be childish. You are so beautiful in every way possible!
We understand each other, we see through each other’s eyes, and we do trust each other with our naughty secrets some times. I know you can’t stop laughing even when we are arguing. I know I make you feel beautiful. I know what you may not know about you.
Those conversations always searched for your reciprocation,
And my Love relentlessly thrived on an anticipated affirmation.
So you see, if I knew you were to choose between me and him, I would approve you to choose him, because if you really loved me there wouldn’t be a choice. Well! If you ask me, did you do anything wrong?
The answer is, “No, not at all! “ When the Time is wrong, what else can get further wrong?
I remember when I was shattered and my time was at stake,
That entire night in your eyes, I could see the rain-clouds awake.
I still don't think that we are an accident.  I think that we were brought together at that time in our lives for something very exceptional.  And I can't wait to explore what life has in store for us.
Thank you for entering my life and taking the same bus that evening  when we said “hi” without getting to see each other.
Do you remember those signs and that moment in bliss?
Would you sustain this distance or live your silent promise?
Love you always!
This was the only letter he wrote to her, but never posted it!!

"When God made them, benevolence was about to undo,
He’d keep them with him, but he realized they needed each other too."

There will always be that silent, serene space in his heart just for her and for everything that they have shared.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Awaiting a cosmic performance..and I know its on the way!

As I am writing this blog, my eyes are looking up expectantly at the sky for those dramatic effects that the pre-monsoon thunderstorms arrive with. Each year I desperately wait for the monsoon, perhaps because it connects with me at a very instinctual level. And I believe monsoon is the only season that we really wait for.

Rain brings us respite as soon as the harsh heat melts into an outburst of wet joy. From my perspective, Rain is a cosmic performance proclaiming its love for the red earth. It’s an act of uninhibited superfluous towards the earth, who then mystically renovates into a completely drenched coherence with Mother Nature.
The rain encountered another rain in the clouds, and the showers led to shivers;
The trees swung in each other’s arms, and some chirping across the rivers.
Just as Rain represents Life, it has also become an imperceptible lover. We find plenty of music enunciating the longing that rain arouses and makes us yearn for a sense of entirety. Getting drenched in the rain is an act of loving rendezvous with Life. This fills me with nostalgia. And even as I attempt to capture the rains rhetorical feat, there will always be remnants of some feelings that can never be expressed in real life.
I reminisce that moment, that touch, that joy, as the rain spells fade;
Once again I feel rainy, and can’t let go those memories we’ve made.
Rains are always inviting and rejuvenate you with their every drop and every ounce of its potential is a promise of fruitfulness. Evidently, a decent monsoon is vital to our sense of well-being and drives our confidence about the instant future.
We are still smitten with the idea of the rain, we still look longingly at darkening clouds, but we get quickly satiated with the reality of rain. It gets too wet and full of mud, too inconvenient to walk on the road, it spoils our clothes, it blocks the roads, brakes the traffic and can bring metros to a standstill. Nevertheless, I would always love and look forward for rains no matter how much inconvenience they bring.
Last time the fading Rain said,” I’ll always see you in my every droplet”;
The mind then belonged to those raindrops and that promise I can never forget.
Our love for Nature is drying out and to bring us back to our agrarian roots, look who’s on its way!
“The Rains”
Welcome Monsoon with gratitude.

This monsoon, see if you remember me!

While you’re gazing the showers through the window and suddenly as it gets stormy;
See if you remember me!
When you stretch your hands and feel the raindrops drip from the tree; See if you remember me!
Lest you don’t feel anything, hit the shore and as you set yourself free; See if you remember me!
While your feet sinks in the waters and the sand slides under the sea; See if you remember me!
On the way home, before you turn back to see that esplanade empty; See if you remember me!
Embracing the raindrops utterly drenched, as soon as you feel that spree; See if you remember me!
Come home back to the same window, and whilst the wait for your hubby; See if you remember me!
Answer the doorbell, there he is, and the minute you see him glee; See if you remember me!
Take his umbrella and when you think of making some coffee; See if you remember me!
By now you’ll feel like listening to soft music and once he turns on the TV; See if you remember me!
Amid the thundering, he gives you a hug and after you agree; See if you remember me!
As you rest beside him and listen to the rain, in that first thought namely; See if you remember me!
In this upcoming monsoon, at least one day coincidentally; See if you remember me!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

From where those clouds obtain ....?

This time each year, this being tired and anxious rather;
As the heat soars, several rainclouds in mind begin to gather.

Yet the body keeps going and for that reason the mind walks;
Nothing within the sweltering body, but only sweat talks.

At that moment, a cloud appears in front of the Sun;
A feeling of respite, swiftly cools and covers the region.

The crazy wind starts to run, like a child takes a race;
Leaping through the grounds, rooftops and all over the place.

The noon swooping into evening, although a part of routine play;
Quietly renovates into a wintry dusk, urging this respite to stay.

I wonder during this weather change, from where those clouds obtain;
Such a soothing coolness, even before the preview of rain.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

What didn't matter then does matter now!

Overlooking this sanity let the feelings emerge;
For those anxious eyes will need a sea to submerge.

Sea and sand always have a joint household;
To plunge in the sea or gather the sand, who will unfold?

Those 'in between' lines can be read in your subtle eyes;
That fire which is whatever called,is felt even in disguise.

Every goodbye finishes our conversations wanting;
Even when you give enough, ‘Some more’ I still feel like asking.

We just couldn't be when the storm was near;
Those signs..You couldn't read and I couldnt hear.

Did you hear that heartbeat getting louder with every moment?
I smile even though inside I wanna break down for that life spent          

THIS feeling when I feel I am tearing into two;
And like you I’ve lost a part of me too.

Talking to you is like opening a wound now;
What didn't matter then does matter now.

The raindrop says....

A raindrop that just fell on my pillow looked at the rain outside;
It cited THEM under one umbrella, off to a mystical stroll and ride.

In his every meeting the distant lure turned sour,
He now stands apart and watches that very aster flower.

He knew ‘It’ isn’t possible, still he never gave up;
So she let his heart just be, for things were soon to wrap up.

They missed each other, but learnt how to deprive;
Such that all kinds of disguise, fell short to survive.

A Storm to subside never emerged a rainbow at any dawn;
The clear skies and the moonlight now, reveals all that hasn't bygone.

Behind this moonlight is a hidden dream;
A step towards the union lies on its brim.

The raindrop says,there are too many pros to stay crazy and insane,
And too many laws for those who prefer to live wise and sane.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Did you ever see it coming?

Why is this Soul getting etched with what's so hard to say,
Do you still see something between us day by day?

I wished dreams were like wishes that come true,
Coz in my dreams I’m always with you.

And there I see you holding a hand,
While I am confused trying to understand.

Now I just smile and get the days through,
Sometimes I wish I had never met you.

While I paved my way, I remember your eyes kept calling,
I know I still cross your mind; I've got this feeling,

I miss you,  I know it won’t change anything.
This day today, did you ever see it coming?

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Some insights on Mortal Ties

  • Resonance in emotional relationships is like vitamins nourishing them daily. When you sincerely listen, you can create feelings of trust and affection.
  • Different interests between two people must be seen as stimulation and not hurdle. As long as there is understanding and willingness, there is always room to grow together.
  • When chemistry is felt, it is a sign that growth is possible transforming the annoyance into sense of fulfillment.
  • Love is that inspiration that stimulates mortals to hunt for that other better side.
  • Until a woman seeks true love and evolves as a life partner, a part of her heart remains dormant. Until a woman gives birth and evolves as a Mother, a part of her soul remains dormant.
  • The only escape a Man has from his former self is to see a different self in the mirror of a Woman’s eyes.
  • Any relationship is ultimately between the two people, but somehow we happen to see ‘people’ and the ‘two’ get forgotten, the count is lost.
  • How long the two know each other doesn't matter. What matters is when you said “I’ll be here for you” and you lived it.
  • It is immoral to confuse somebody’s feelings just because you aren't certain of yours.
  • The only thing I fear in Nuptial is change of heart; and it doesn't happen just like that but the love in it dies.
  • Infidelity supervenes when the degree of insatiability causes the relationship to digress. It is curable, but one has to work on it on their own.
  • It is easier to control the first desire than to satisfy all that follows it.
  • One reaches the final commitment after exploring numerous choices.
  • Love is that state of mind which comes before any sanity. 
  • The one who falls in love already is into a state of mind to take it as an ailment.
  • When you think you should express how you feel about that someone, go ahead. Expressing your feeling is not a commitment!

Why Mother Nature, Why…?

We burn all our life and at last Death too contributes,
It’s the Mortals and not the Wood, who follow its attributes.

I asked Mother Nature, in Water, what did you miss to inculcate,
It floats a dead but drowns a swimmer and behaves so disparate.

As autumn sets in, flowers from the tree begin to spurt, 
Though we don’t hear its sound, doesn’t mean they don’t get hurt.

Every flora and fauna has to live apiece as distinct chapter,
For Blossom remains natural and Bloom comes thereafter.

Can’t every Mortal have his individual sky,
So that when he feels he can soar and fly.

Can’t every Mortal write his own destiny and then die,
This child questions you, Why Mother Nature..Why?

Life... a culinary affair.

Living life to all its wholesome grandeur is like squeezing the most into one life. However, we often realize that overdoing doesn’t guarantee the most. 

Life is a culinary affair.
For a good recipe, you need to combine various flavours, spices, etc. then u take your time to assemble them till it reaches a perfect taste and texture. Likewise take your time to breakdown your life into events and events into happenings. At times you may find yourself dwindling between whether you have opted for the right or the wrong path.
We mistake daily pressure with stress. A deadline in office keeps u under pressure but when you can’t sleep due to a contract, losing your sleep, appetite, etc. and this turns into Stress.
Stress steals away the enthusiasm of being alive. We all crave attention and that TLC you wish to have when you give others. This goes a long way to give you the bounce in life. So, Maya instantly recommends you to take a break and try these tips…
  • Listen to your inner voice 
When you are honest to your own self, you automatically get prepared to take up new challenges. The success enhances your confidence and boosts the inner satisfaction.
It’s always there and never goes away,
It’s ready to help and show you the way.
To know what to do you just have to confide,
That deep inner voice,  the voice inside.

  • Be with the one who trusts you
When the pressure in a cooker increases, the safety valve gets active and extra pressure is released. But for us there is no such mechanism to release mental pressure building inside due to the situations in life. Identify your support system who supports you and believes in you, then nothing can go wrong. When you are understood by someone, a sense of security and confidence binds you and you know someone is out there to tell you whether you are making the right or the wrong decision.

  • Practice Silence 
If you are impatient, your brain seems to stop working and you cannot figure out what's happening.

Silence is a discipline for the soul that helps you monitor accurately and deal with the impact of each gaze, thought, impulse, word and action. ~Maya

If you are at peace within yourself, taking the right decision seems easy. Relaxation is the key and is a state of awareness when you give in to the urge to succumb. For example, sufficient sleep is must to recharge your batteries that occurs due to release of serotonin levels in the system.

  • Stay positive 
Positive thinking helps you gain a certain confidence about your decisions and you are sure about yourself make the right decisions. Furthermore it helps you gain others confidence and obstacles automatically seem to move out of your way. Your thoughts create your reality because your thoughts determine how you respond to situations in your daily life. Those responses are the energy you have inside of you to give away.

  • Do things you wish to
The Human mind is a playground for endless possibilities. You alone have the power to give complete experience to your Being, your existence and purpose of life. Therefore it is important that you know yourself and accept yourself in your own eyes and eventually in the eyes of others.
This itself makes it more than just another life with the power to appeal to your intellect that says “I‘ll fall, but I will start again and live life to its entirety.

When a character is powerful, there exists the courage to make the right choices. And when its path is right, there is no unrest in the mind. There is no space for internal conflicts between desires and deeds. Subsequently there is peace in the Soul. ~Maya

The affair begins now!
This is the defining moment, etch the best out of it, respect it and live it.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Life is unpredictable, but a great leveller!!

Waiting for things to fall in place with Time?  Time does not help until you are ready to move ahead!
Life is too precious to burden yourself with people and situations that don’t even deserve to be a problem in your life.

You always have a Choice; and when you begin to think what is missing, it is another attempt to put your life in order. ~Maya

Don’t consider yourself a mistake just because you did some mistakes in your Life. It is fine to make mistakes as Life never came with user handbooks. What is important is you don’t repeat them. The difference between Success and Failure is being able to learn from past mistakes to become more discerning. After all the first step to Success initiates when you rectify the Mistakes.

Circumstances do not decide the quality of your life, your handling them does. Circumstances need you to face them with courage and not by giving up.  ~Maya

We mostly realise that something that doesn’t matter to you causes you to lose something that does. But we can’t even say “Not Again!!” to those circumstances in which the struggle is endless. Honestly, everybody is struggling and so we must not underestimate anybody’s pain. Nevertheless some people are better at masking it than the rest.

There are times when you miss some people, some conversations, some moments. Times Change! And you see it. But that’s not what hurts. What hurts is remembering how it used to be.Typically, the person who gives you the best times and laughter in your life will most likely make you cry in his absence. Hard to forget ‘it’ when ‘it’ gives you many things to remember.

At different whiles, people undergo transition in Life. And at that juncture if you don’t hear from them, you are a part of that transition process. Often the current situations force you to accept that flowing with the natural course and allowing things to happen, is the only way at that moment.Pain, sometimes triggers your going. And it may be a turning point, a new paradigm, a new understanding.

When you choose a path of personal empowerment, an internal struggle rages. One part wants to move and the other wants to pause. The trick is to understand this and focus on the triggers of internal resistance and not on the ones that push you forth.

Every such juncture needs you to do a CTRL+ALT+DEL. Take the CTRL of your life, find ALTernatives to decide and DEL the baggage you hold on to and keep going. After every CTRL+ALT+DEL in life, never regret! This is because that is what you wanted at that point of time.
Times change! So keep going and live your Life.

Life has its own way of making us smile especially at times when you lose hope, but certain surprises come your way just when you thought you would never smile again. ~ Maya

Remember ….Life is like a drama being played on his world’s stage. You just need to understand its plot. You are special, unique and nobody else can play your role better than you. 

Can we inherit Mind & Soul from Parents? Some insights…

As per my limited knowledge of Vedanta, Consciousness is something that cannot be imagined or perceived but without Consciousness you cannot imagine or perceive. God or Supreme power is infinite Consciousness and Universe is disturbed Consciousness. 

You will agree that Consciousness is never plural, just like electricity, which now passes through my laptop to the circuit board and then to the power station. It is still singular. Everything we do is performed in Consciousness.

In the Mortal world, besides the physical body, there exists a metaphysical entity called Soul with its vital attribute called Consciousness. This attribute uses its living body as a system through which the Soul can perceive, act and experience. Although the physical body may die, but this metaphysical entity called Soul is eternal. 

Consciousness may be manifest or may remain dormant. Lets us try to understand this by the phenomenon of Sleep that indicates the existence of Soul. I have experienced dreams in which I have seen faces or people whom I have never seen /met before. But how is that possible? This means there is some other entity other than brain that has a record of these memories.. perhaps from your past birth. So, Consciousness is the entity which can think or dream even without any sensory output. These are impressions captured from the entire journey of  the soul and can be called the Software of the Soul.The Vedas call it 'sanskaras'.

Mind and intellect are not different organs but they are faculties of Soul. Mind is the other name of Consciousness. We must understand that a Brain is the biological computer and not its user , so our thoughts are not product of our Brain. Hence Memory is not a phenomenon of the Brain but function of Consciousness.It is the ability of the SOUL to be cognizant and enable memory retention.Mind is the thinking faculty of Soul, memory is an ability of the Soul and not the Brain.The Brain cant act beyong stimulus. For ex: amoeba.
No doubt that  the Brain seeks images sent through eyes or sounds effects sent through ears, but it can’t interpret or signify these effects & co-relate  them. In simple words, Brain is a control room and the Soul is the controller and Soul does not pass on its power of attorney to the Brain.

Thought is an immaterial energy that knows other forms of energy like Light and Sound.~ Maya

Thought is immeasurable but forms a base for all kinds of measurements. Thoughts originate from Soul which does not have any mass or occupy any space in the Universe like other physical objects.This process of evolution expresses itself in the cyclc repetition of energy in the realms of matter n spirit that manifest at different levels of Consciousness- mind , intellect and sanskaras.

We must not conceal from ourselves that no improvement in the present depressing situation is possible without a severe struggle; for the handful of those who are really determined to do something is minute in comparison with the mass of the lukewarm and the misguided. ~Albert Einstein, 1934

All mortals need to put all the might – material , psychobiological and spiritual into this universal endeavour by undergoing their spiritual evolution. I strongly believe that every soul is powerful enough that their will and intent , if aligned aptly can organize time and space to induce catastrophic changes to bring back the earth to its original state

Where Physics ends, Metaphysics begins..

You will always find an audience hungry to seek the unlocked mysteries in the Universe. And this is my first step towards discovering that tribe which believes that Spirituality is not a religious activity.

Logic begins with a set of assumptions, presumed to be real by common sense, but not necessarily true. For example: “you can’t split a point” or “there’s one line between any two points” .

“When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence:Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter. Physical objects are not in space, but these objects are spatially extended. In this way the concept 'empty space' loses its meaning. ... Since the theory of general relativity implies the representation of physical reality by a continuous field, the concept of particles or material points cannot play a fundamental part, and can only appear as a limited region in space where the field strength / energy density are particularly high. ~Albert Einstein, 1950

Einstein had also said: A particle can exist  at two places at the same time.
So, it is like you tickle at this side of the Universe and the other side of the Universe laughs. And this makes me think what is that connects a thing to other things in this Universe?

Nothing in this Universe really disappears, but it goes into a state of potential energy, recycles and then comes back. This is very much akin to the concept of re-incarnation.

A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest.  A kind of optical delusion of Consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty… The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. … We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive. ~Albert Einstein, 1954

The realm of spirits, energy, and transposition of matter are exciting subjects that can only be fathomed if we accept that there is existence beyond what science knows. In other words, where physics ends, metaphysics begins. 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tell me, how much of you is left with you?

A nest of two birds, who wish to love n abide,
If one muddles up, the other to keep the stride.

Its routine now that you escape the moment something I say,
Don’t I know that you wave a Bye to check if I ask you to stay.

You made me Feel and Caution I read and then kept looking for steep curves ahead.
Your happiness is something I've always cared, Can I hold your hand, together as we tread?

You try to fit Love in a relation and that will always make it lethal,
But if it is not the way to esteem then people don’t consider it legal.

You know you won’t get to meet, but you still persist, it is difficult but you know your Heart just can’t resist.
I trust the impossibility of togetherness if you insist, but my love for you this heart will forever consist.

My Mind now wishes for a trip to your memories, that’s something I concern.
Poor thing on the way gets so happy, but then it refuses to return.

Living life with panache by power of Silence

Silence is a true serene refuge and a way of persistently treating oneself and others to the therapeutic qualities of stillness. Such silence results into physical and mental tranquility or serenity.

Just as a still lake becomes a mirror to reflect the beauty of nature, silence reveals the beauty of our original nature. ~Maya

Invariably the basic attributes of every Soul are Love & Peace. Therefore, Silence or Stillness becomes a very naturally stimulating and a refreshing state of high energy & vitality. We must understand that it should not be mistaken with lifelessness or sleep or apathy or passiveness
When we are convoluted we cannot see. So fail to detach and view us as a separate self, and consequently identify body consciousness for what it is. The Mind that constantly babbles with all the turbulence comes to a cease. You will agree that when the intellect sprints, the body follows. Hence, Silence prevents loss of psychosomatic powers through fast activity. And in this "level of renunciation", it becomes clear that body consciousness is something foreign to me.

Watch the creative folks; they are so adept at this! A part within them has found the Silence. Some part of them is calm & quiet, while some part is filled with intense grace & energy.  So when you find them interacting with you, they are actually writing poetry or composing an email, painting or sorting out revenue figures. 
Just watch them in an overloaded office desk, a crowded marketplace or a boiler room, and they will gracefully smile with grace and just go “boom”. That’s because they have found the silence, and can be at ease anywhere. When they want to exit from a locked door they just take plunge and the realm doesn’t exist anymore for them. 
That’s living life with panache! If ever you get there, you join a magical group of exceptional souls. The silence is not just creative. It can attract reputation and luck too. Early enough, if you cherish it correct, it will promote you to great summit. 

Silence is a discipline for the soul that helps you monitor accurately and deal with the impact of each gaze, thought, impulse, word and action. ~Maya

Loving message from an unborn baby

Message to Daddy

I feel so close to you for you are the one who gave me a marrow,
And when I come into this world, I want to see you become my hero.
Take your time Daddy for I know things you can do,
Daddy I love you for all that you have been through.

Mum replies

I had some glimpse of you Sweetheart while you were playing inside,
I know you too long for me to hold you and still you try to hide.
You’ve been the twinkle of our eyes, I remember your Dad say,
I keep dreaming of you and love you anyway.
Your Daddy’s not just a father but was also my friend,
Who I knew we could count till the end.
Like me he too wished to cuddle and hold you dear,
Now his Soul longs for and is always resting here.

Mortals, Meaningful trials and on-the-spot Managers

From the learning & know how I have gathered from my own & other interactions, I am attempting to put across a feasible assessment of how does a Mortal evolve in adversity and emerge a good manager of his life.
Habitually mortals outline their reality through unhappiness and hardships. In adverse stages of life, when one has to accomplish conflict resolution, problem fixing, planning, decision making in wavering circumstances, one needs to not only consider analytical and logical aspects but also humane and well-being of a specific person or society. Most situations forces one to think a lot in order to weigh all the pros and cons before concluding to a final point. In due course, one may also feel that the brain is over working than even the most hi-tech machine in the world.

‘Quandaries and Deadlocks when occur, carry an advantage, that is …Force us to think’. ~Maya

Absolutely, we must understand that every mortal in the humankind undergoes several ‘hardships’, ‘sufferings’ or ‘predicaments’ which in some way are necessary for his evolution. In fact when one undergoes pain his way of thinking gradually becomes honest. When the thinking is honest, he becomes cognizant and a new consciousness awakens. Inside them are hidden, the experiences which enables one to develop. Hence, I call them ‘Meaningful trials’.
But somehow, most of us manage our life badly. These trials are not subjective, but its fruits are the impulses which help a Mortal to evolve into ‘the one’ who can challenge his trials and successfully manage his life by virtue of experience. This Mortal is a strong willed Soul who possesses self-control and a higher degree of intuition in his thought content & process. This presumes him to have a watchful, dynamic & visionary mind. He can easily detach from the situation, quickly put him in other’s shoes and can correctly assess the difference. He is simply able to view or review the alternatives without any prejudice and manifests a good blend of flexibility & determination. Hence, I call him ‘on the spot Manager’.
Human mind is very powerful but one needs to have moral orientation through self- introspection. Any change that calls for self-development should come voluntarily and one should just believe that it is for his own good.

 ‘You largely built your despair. It was never offered to you. Hence, you can destroy it’. ~ Maya

So just remember, whenever you are in any kind of adversity, think of the worst that can happen as in the imagined reality, dissect it and you might realize that you have the necessary resources to handle it.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Some of my best couplets..Thanks to the lovely weather.

In my every fond moments you hold a right,
When I reminisce, amid your memories only, begins a fight.

Towards the Goodbye, you start a topic u preferred to skip rather,
And then begins an argument that prolongs their time together.

Those words stuck within your lips subtly moved to your eyes,
And since they talk a lot I could see the disguise.

When you held my hand out of the blue,
Just tell me,how much of you was left with you?

A Storm

Sitting by the window I witnessed all the storms sway,
But the yesterday’s storm had my window thrown away.

I saw a Bird who kept searching for his house and went astray,
How do I tell him that I saw his house washed to that bay.

But one storm inside me fiercely raged the other day,
I can still feel the turbulence emanating, through me I can say.

Now I see the silvery moon and I smile and pray,
While the small remnants I discover are now here to stay.

Early insights

This era of convulsive transformations has caused disarray in the demographic scorecard. The complete picture on world scene covers of lots of problems mostly due to lack of moral values. Be it crime against Women, Environmental pollution, Addictions, Corruption, Racism, psychosomatic ailments, Relationship issues, Population, Poverty, Women abuse, Child abuse, Misuse of Media/Technology, Inflation, threats of military interventions, disregard for UN and so on....
We must understand that by giving any nomenclature to a problem, we give a face only to its manifest form whereas its roots invariably lie in the breach of a value, moral code or spiritual law. The primitive theory by Karl Marx points to the concerns in society, and hence he had incited people to work on value dissonance. This was then called Economics in academic segment. Therefore, now and then, Self-transformation has been the call of time which leads to Social transformation.
Slowly and steadily, whatever happens in this world will start to fetch interest all over; there are many considerate souls who have already gauged what is impending. I had always thought that there will come a time when humankind is called to move to a new level of cognizance, to reach a higher moral terrain. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other, and that time is NOW!
Then again, the quality of environment we live is certainly deteriorating. Global warming is nothing but the earth suffering from fatal fever, during which the five elements would be in great unrest and the entire polluted system would perish. Mother Nature is benevolent, and will play key role in this process of metamorphosis. I strongly feel that climate change is a blessing in disguise. Because it would at the end rekindle earth, a state of natural harmony and splendor which the earth once inherited.

I shall keep posting my I see them..

Saturday, 28 January 2012

To this Buddy of mine..

Life has its own way to make us smile especially at times when you lose hope, but some surprise packages come your way just when you think you would never smile again. So.. here's a small accolade for them.

I wish to reminisce those special people who've given me lots of love and care,
And those others who’ve enriched my life just by being there. 
There is something in this bond very rare to discover,
That in some way inspired me to this endeavor.
To this Buddy of mine, all the way through,
I’ll be grateful that I met You.

Maya's debut

I am still figuring out as to what purpose I am here for, but somewhere in my mind I know I want to reach out to the world. And this being my first post, I would like to share with you that it took me 10 years to etch first 100 pages of my best writings.
It didn’t feel very vexing though, until I came across an akin and thats my Buddy and Mentor, who accidentally managed to create the circumstances for me to invent and mature; an exclusive tutorial of brainstorming with no ready-made material for me.
In person, nobody knows themselves very well. But when they do, Life is never the same. So, here's Maya seeking insight in to the deceptive nature of the evident phenomena, commonly known as Reality.