Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Can we inherit Mind & Soul from Parents? Some insights…

As per my limited knowledge of Vedanta, Consciousness is something that cannot be imagined or perceived but without Consciousness you cannot imagine or perceive. God or Supreme power is infinite Consciousness and Universe is disturbed Consciousness. 

You will agree that Consciousness is never plural, just like electricity, which now passes through my laptop to the circuit board and then to the power station. It is still singular. Everything we do is performed in Consciousness.

In the Mortal world, besides the physical body, there exists a metaphysical entity called Soul with its vital attribute called Consciousness. This attribute uses its living body as a system through which the Soul can perceive, act and experience. Although the physical body may die, but this metaphysical entity called Soul is eternal. 

Consciousness may be manifest or may remain dormant. Lets us try to understand this by the phenomenon of Sleep that indicates the existence of Soul. I have experienced dreams in which I have seen faces or people whom I have never seen /met before. But how is that possible? This means there is some other entity other than brain that has a record of these memories.. perhaps from your past birth. So, Consciousness is the entity which can think or dream even without any sensory output. These are impressions captured from the entire journey of  the soul and can be called the Software of the Soul.The Vedas call it 'sanskaras'.

Mind and intellect are not different organs but they are faculties of Soul. Mind is the other name of Consciousness. We must understand that a Brain is the biological computer and not its user , so our thoughts are not product of our Brain. Hence Memory is not a phenomenon of the Brain but function of Consciousness.It is the ability of the SOUL to be cognizant and enable memory retention.Mind is the thinking faculty of Soul, memory is an ability of the Soul and not the Brain.The Brain cant act beyong stimulus. For ex: amoeba.
No doubt that  the Brain seeks images sent through eyes or sounds effects sent through ears, but it can’t interpret or signify these effects & co-relate  them. In simple words, Brain is a control room and the Soul is the controller and Soul does not pass on its power of attorney to the Brain.

Thought is an immaterial energy that knows other forms of energy like Light and Sound.~ Maya

Thought is immeasurable but forms a base for all kinds of measurements. Thoughts originate from Soul which does not have any mass or occupy any space in the Universe like other physical objects.This process of evolution expresses itself in the cyclc repetition of energy in the realms of matter n spirit that manifest at different levels of Consciousness- mind , intellect and sanskaras.

We must not conceal from ourselves that no improvement in the present depressing situation is possible without a severe struggle; for the handful of those who are really determined to do something is minute in comparison with the mass of the lukewarm and the misguided. ~Albert Einstein, 1934

All mortals need to put all the might – material , psychobiological and spiritual into this universal endeavour by undergoing their spiritual evolution. I strongly believe that every soul is powerful enough that their will and intent , if aligned aptly can organize time and space to induce catastrophic changes to bring back the earth to its original state

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