Sunday, 29 April 2012

What didn't matter then does matter now!

Overlooking this sanity let the feelings emerge;
For those anxious eyes will need a sea to submerge.

Sea and sand always have a joint household;
To plunge in the sea or gather the sand, who will unfold?

Those 'in between' lines can be read in your subtle eyes;
That fire which is whatever called,is felt even in disguise.

Every goodbye finishes our conversations wanting;
Even when you give enough, ‘Some more’ I still feel like asking.

We just couldn't be when the storm was near;
Those signs..You couldn't read and I couldnt hear.

Did you hear that heartbeat getting louder with every moment?
I smile even though inside I wanna break down for that life spent          

THIS feeling when I feel I am tearing into two;
And like you I’ve lost a part of me too.

Talking to you is like opening a wound now;
What didn't matter then does matter now.

The raindrop says....

A raindrop that just fell on my pillow looked at the rain outside;
It cited THEM under one umbrella, off to a mystical stroll and ride.

In his every meeting the distant lure turned sour,
He now stands apart and watches that very aster flower.

He knew ‘It’ isn’t possible, still he never gave up;
So she let his heart just be, for things were soon to wrap up.

They missed each other, but learnt how to deprive;
Such that all kinds of disguise, fell short to survive.

A Storm to subside never emerged a rainbow at any dawn;
The clear skies and the moonlight now, reveals all that hasn't bygone.

Behind this moonlight is a hidden dream;
A step towards the union lies on its brim.

The raindrop says,there are too many pros to stay crazy and insane,
And too many laws for those who prefer to live wise and sane.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Did you ever see it coming?

Why is this Soul getting etched with what's so hard to say,
Do you still see something between us day by day?

I wished dreams were like wishes that come true,
Coz in my dreams I’m always with you.

And there I see you holding a hand,
While I am confused trying to understand.

Now I just smile and get the days through,
Sometimes I wish I had never met you.

While I paved my way, I remember your eyes kept calling,
I know I still cross your mind; I've got this feeling,

I miss you,  I know it won’t change anything.
This day today, did you ever see it coming?