Monday, 8 September 2014

Once Again?

Restricting our hearts, and sometimes the mind,

Restricting our ships, the storms of every kind.
What had ignited once, is still burning deep,
Let's lay low, while the storms take a leap.

Why this pain of missing due to a trivial cause?

Why did we allow the Truth to pause?
Successful are some battles, and some are never ending'
But my love for you, forever I'd keep sending.

To love you, and to find you in me,

To be everything to you, as the Truth now I see.
Can we now, kiss away each other's pain?
Can we now, gather the sand once again?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Temet Nosce!

Very often, our ideas about what something means, are not our own. They’re all extracted from the external world around us. Be it people, literature or social network, etc.
The fact is that, we have allowed them to become enormously powerful forces, who define what we want and our perception about ourselves.
I aint writing this post to criticize our way of thinking these ideas, but that we should ensure that we own them, and that we’re truly the architects of our own lives.
It's already bad to not get what you want, but it’s worst to realize in the end that the idea of what's wanted for yourself, isn't really what you wanted all this while.
It is precarious phase in which we dont know what we are waiting for and also looking for something.
So, keep finding it until you know what you want. Know what you want. Know yourself. Temet Nosce!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Writing, a liberation.

It feels like screaming into a void when the lines in my head are looking for desperate ways to find that spark on a page.  
Sigh..! Writing, is so liberating!
The craving to grab a pen or your keypad and write frantically...Sigh again!
It's always tough to resist being in this madness for a long time.
Perhaps it's slowly turning into a vice now.
A bizzare idea. A good build up...that's what I'm looking for my next post.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Will we ever stay....?

You held my hand, so differently, the first date we had met,
The distance was so near, although wasn't visible yet.
Something like a jolt or a lightning of some kind,
Just another girl I thought and drifted off in my mind.
You longed for her, and for gathering the sand,
But she wasn’t there, so I extended my hand.
Time passed by and I've no clue how,
I clinged to life on phone with you somehow.
And so, Mother Nature responded during the times we spent,
We became good friends and that's how it all went.
Somehow I knew it meant more than that,
I kept staring at my feelings and expressions in your chat.
Even when it felt so right, we were on different pathway,
For I know no reason, why you let it slip away.
We didn’t see each other much thereafter,
For there was very little time, we had together.
I am not the same without you in my life,
My eyes look for you, with much pain and strife.
My eyes still get caught in your brown seductive eyes,
I pretend, I mask and each time a feeling dies.

This time we had to leave, a painful sight for me,
I wish we could make love, before we were set free.
One last kiss,one last hug, one last chance,
I'll treasure us making love, even if its just a glance.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

It's time, M!

My soul is anxiously swaying to his and trying to hold whats fleeting.
Seems like some dark cloud cover..
Feels like his last weapon just got flung away..

Look! His opponents have hit him real bad.
I know that despite being wrecked, he has you with him to knock out his opponents.
But first, we must carry him to home safe.
...His eyes are shutting!!
There... you are!!

I can see the rage in your bloodshot eyes, M!

It’s time, M! 
To live your promise! To repossess him! 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Come Peace!

That whim, that spirit, stares at me with its hurting pride,
Diminishing it's traces, while I see something growing inside.

What needed me, to consent to that will,
My soul screams back, the same reasons still.

Something that has called, this silence overdue,
Has now willed, nothing to pursue..

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stalking your Muse.

To pen down your words in the absence of your muse, is like handling those super excited toddlers. You can somehow manage to align them towards a path, but they will keep running wherever they want to..

I have a friend, who is a writer, who apparently finds his muse when he is in water. Be it while he is scuba diving or swimming or simply in the shower. And I know by now, that he keeps a waterproof slate handy. Ha ha. I don't know why, but I find it so romantic and cute!

I remember that from the time I began to get intrigued by sorcery, I used to imagine being an enchantress as well as a companion to a writer. Well! I think I tried my best, and here's what I've always wanted to say to that writer ~

"You wished me in human form, and here I am;
Your words I breathe, break open its dam;
Do what holds meaning to you, and leave the rest;
Don't surrender to the darkness, but surround it's crest.
Embrace me, take me as a refuge;
Make love to me, while I become your muse."

~ Maya

Love your muse, who gives your words a direction and an emotional connect. 
Someday you will realize that every milestone you achieve in your writing journey, was an accolade to that only muse of yours. And when you get stuck, start stalking your muse.

The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited.” 
~ Stephen King, Bag of Bones

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Talk to me!

Empty it all, I'll be your sponge; 
Talk to me, let me absorb;
Offload your pain, I'll make space;
Unburden your fears and the darkest haze.
Take my name with love, until I become nothing but you;
Stop whispering at nights, and allow my pieces to queue.

Feeling of a depletion, or depletion of a feeling

I have been pondering so much on what is so hopelessly vulnerable, that I just gave up everything I was doing, and decided to lose myself on this page. A lot of things are accumulating in my head and I think describing them all would take me ages to write. 

As I begin to feel my cracks, I retrieve my sketches, old notes and some conversations. While I am searching for the threads between them and the noise within, some memories conjure up to linger a powerful feeling. Suddenly they all scheme up a much deeper play than my words. And a warm flush ignites something inside me, struggling its way within. I am losing myself to it.  

That noise is now slowly depleting inside me. But what's wrong again? I now realize that the beautiful silence I seek for, malfunctions within my system. Here again, I am still, but feeling a strange comfort in this stillness. And amid all this weariness, there a constant feeling of an orgasmic bliss.

A feeling so poignant.
A feeling to which all my senses stay committed.
A feeling which is 
taking a familiar shape that refuses to deplete.
That feeling is You.

I wonder if I'd ever get to to touch You, but I hope my words, said and unsaid, touch You in some way, someday.