Thursday, 5 November 2015

Unfortunate quandary

In a sharp contrast to my usual way of sinking into the storm of thoughts and trying to maintain the state of mind, I decided to instill the calmness of tons of storms in me and have a No Mind state.
Sounds bizarre?!  Perhaps.

I am still. Yet again. And in this stillness, one thing dawns upon me....
Moments are always nuetral. Feelings become grotesque. Figments screw things up.
The problem with mind is that it can conjure up boundaries and also have eternal longings for the soul. So, what do you do next?

Penetrate through the boundaries and chuck the longings.
And here you are! The most fictional character of your own lifetime.
Such an unfortunate quandary!


When I wished for words, I had silence.
When I wished silence, I had a poetry.
When I wished to smile, I had a miracle
When I wished to be, I had You.
..And then when I wished equipoise, I had Maya.

"Maya". A word that brings me back to life, each time I come across it.

Monday, 25 May 2015


And then the mighty wind stopped, when it caught a crimson leaf; 
Howling in a former rage, had come to change its belief.

The wind murmured another blow, towards a waterfall; 
Drenched the leaf with colors, of love and all.

A pure and fresh drizzle, smelling lavender of another kind; 
Holding its colors, but source of respite was tough to find.

The blows now slowed down, a silence of some sort; 
The mighty wind had puffed lavender in retort.

The leaf kept swirling, in mixed beliefs it bred; 
New colors emerging, to what is meant and what is said.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Standing in the heavy downpour, of feelings like never before;
A storm  raging within, as fiercely as the one outdoor.

The soil below my feet, crunching with each step;
Deafening roars within, I have barely slept.

Amid this turbulence like the shifty weather,
Caress me to sleep until the absence of a fear.

Like the fiery water wanting to breakout;
Floodgates of my soul, it is all about.