Saturday, 31 August 2013

My passionate man.

There was a man, poetry was his passion,
When we met, his new poetry had begun.

Exploring its pages, in the rhymes we had flown,
Deeper and deeper in the world, we made our own.

I didn't know him and where he came from,
But my eyes would promise his, in some form.

My love shall carry his, until it can,
See what you mean to me, my passionate man!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Choice is a gift of freewill

Mortals just like having choices. 
To feel more empowered and good about what they choose.
Nothing but an illusion that our lives are in our control!

One reaches the final commitment after exploring numerous choices.

Having said that, none wants to make a choice and take a decision on their own which will get them out of their present comfy life.. even when the proposed life from of that new decision could be better. But, there is no surety, because future is always uncertain. Although most decisions we make are intuitive. But its about those decisions where we are not able to decide what we want.We either want everything from the choices or we want none. Well, according to me no choice or decision can be wrong. Its the most appropriate choice made at a given point of time. But then what goes wrong? Its the outcome!

When you choose a path of personal empowerment, an internal struggle rages. One part of you wants to move and the other wants to halt. 

Why do mortals get so skeptic while making the choices and decisions for important things in life?
One of the reasons is because, they are not sure whether their life will still move on if they don't choose or decide at a particular time.  May be that’s where they bring in the concept of Destiny.
Nevertheless, I don't ever want to rely on destiny whether I can or cannot, I always would want to make an attempt to shape it myself! 
Despite no one can give us surety of what will really decide our future, at least we can assume that our choices do. The choices are still being made whether knowledge of those choices existed beforehand or not.

You always have a Choice; and when you begin to think what is missing, it is another attempt to put your life in order.

The whole point here is, that its YOUR LIFE!
And if you don’t like your reality, then change it! 
Each moment you meet, is a reality that you have allowed to happen!

Therefore it becomes important, that you must allow your first choice to be made towards deciding on what you exactly want and your basic priorities in life. The bigger decisions will also get easier thereafter.

Choice is the gift of freewill. 

Choice is keystone to a desired change and may call for your new birth. And when found in love, you get to see some divine happiness, serendipity and numerous opportunities towards success. Affirm your will and assert your passion. Mother Nature never forgets its children and will usher in to offer you the necessary support and care in shaping your reality.

Oracle: Oh, don't worry about it. As soon as you step outside that door, you'll start feeling better. You'll remember you don't believe in any of this fate crap. You're in control of your own life, remember?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sleepless stupor.

She hears his voice each night and looks for him,
Quickly gets off her bed and turns to the window brim.

She stumbles over the table and her quest in vain,
She reaches out to comfort him, but not show her pain.

She feels his touch, his fragrance and his footfall,
Despite the surroundings, for her, his presence is all.

It must be tough to pass each night anew,
Lying awake in splinters, the dark night threw.

From his thoughts, she has no respite, no escape,
Without his love, her world sees no meaning, no shape.

Her soul sprawls in pain, she cries herself to sleep,
As the night comes again, she knows it is just another weep.

In this sleepless stupor, she whispers, “My world seems a drag without you,
Show me a sign, if your life is splintered too.”

Know yourself, know your passion.

Getting stuck in your muddled thoughts that are getting you nowhere? Feeling like you have been constantly awake to do something, but just can't seem to get down to actually doing it?Well, we can't be "awake" all the time. You have to be down to be able to get up. You can't just skip that step. This is that period when you gather new seeds, new insights about self, new knowledge or ability, new mentor or guide. I am sure that through such knowledge or ability, self-knowledge and guidance, you are able to recognize the real passion of your life.

Remember - You alone have the power to give a complete experience to your being, your passion and purpose in life. And the ones, who are reluctant to recognize what you are, always will oppose you.

Ask yourself this question – What is that force within me, which is constantly safeguarding my optimism and my true identity? That force is your ‘Passion’. Once you affirm your will and assert your passion, Mother Nature will usher in to offer you the necessary care in some form for you to enrich in this identity.
One of the reasons I wanted to write is because my I thought nobody is writing stuff I’m interested in. Just before I began writing, I remember how the lines in my head used to find desperate ways to land on a page. Subsequently I got introduced to Twitter, and I began tweeting that accumulated stuff in my head in mere 140 characters. At that time, I thought that I was kind of screaming into a void! And because of this self-doubt, I couldn't believe that anyone would want to read my tweets. But, my first follower shocked me as much as the recent one.
The thoughts popping up and desperate to find that spark on a page, followed by the craving to grab a quill and write frantically...Sigh! In this rush to catch my Muse's words, I always miss something. That something is Reality. I love basking in this identity, in this madness for a long time. It's always tough to resist what seems to be an inspiration. Like the one Mother Nature gifted me, My Living Muse.

Can’t every mortal have his individual sky;
So that whenever he feels, he can soar and fly.
An impulse to fly into a world, from where I don’t wish to return;
For I have discerned there is a sky, that knows my dreams and its pattern.

“Recognize that force, that inspiration and soar in your individual sky. Know yourself, know your passion.”