Thursday, 26 July 2012

Whether the Void or the Voice inside?

Its 2 am in the morning, and my hands just didn’t stop from writing this. It comes at a time in my life when things are very mystifying. Be it my thoughts, situations at hand or the recent experiences. I realise that things are changing fast and couldn’t say it better than this, I think I'm nervous. It's about not taking the normal route of life and finding what makes you happy, but doing things out of the box, no matter what and doing it rapidly.

A mere Void is what, my life has become;
An obscure being now, ludicrously gruesome.
Smiles, Laughter & Happiness, in this soul to decay;
Hopelessness, sombre & melancholy, embraces me today.

That night my soul screamed at, where it thought humanity dwells;
To insolence & disdain, embodied those nocturnal spells.
Shadows casting across tremble the soul, all in bewilderment
A mystical sense of reality shells the creatures of predicament.

A Void builds an awful wreckage, almost taking my soul away;
Making it further futile to hope, dream and pray.
Pressing my forehead on the door, this futile mind seeks guidance;
Reeling towards me a hazy illusion, as I resolve to combat that instance.

If I can endure for 'this' moment, whatever is occurring to me;
No matter how reluctant I feel, or how hopeless the moment may be.
If I believe myself, just like you trust that to be true;
I'll for sure resurrect with every dawn, that'll see a new day too.

Life never loses its ability, to nurture noble causes to smile.
And to be a cause to many other smiles, pursue one as you walk their mile.
Let's live every day, even though it's face is unknown to you;
I know Life seems a mystery, and that Death holds the clue.

In longevity, many storms will rage;
Most subside but some relapse that u can’t cage.
The strong winds will fade, but just let faith ride;
Your inner voice will save you, the Voice inside.

"Never keep those complicated things locked up inside you, they'll make you sick" ~Maya

I loved loving you...

This short poem represents mixed feelings of uncertainty in love, confusion caused by distance, disbelief and the very predicaments.
When we are skeptical of the extent of trust we have on us and on our much-loved, the beauty of that bond fades away into oblivion.
Be strength to your Soul mate, and not a weakness.

When I look into your eyes and see things you don't comprehend,
That’s when you get confident of, where those things seem to bend.

Even those answers you're trying to seek,
Keep urging you to taste my soul, and not think.

This endless something that I am breathing deep inside,
Portrays the illusion of myself and all I have to hide.

This confusion, relentless longing for something more than this,
I endeavour to find this being that I envisage, yet seem to miss.

I'd assure you all is fine, although quietly intimidated throughout the day;
A decision, a choice, whatever may come, to my dismay.

And again I miss you by my side, amid this journey so incomplete;
Is this togetherness? My contemplation now, profound and discreet.

"Whenever you miss me, that very feeling within you, is Me."
 I loved loving you, my Buddy, my Soul mate!

It’s in Love, that I wish to be in, with you!

I found you, and now, you no more need to look for me,
Since you shall find me everywhere, I'm meant to be.

Can you take me there, where the snow peaks kiss the sky?
Your dream now I seek too with a watchful eye.

You and Me, a cause with reason, feels such a sterile emotion;
And makes it a creation, that seeks no answer, no justification.

Hope and peace filled my soul, where once only turmoil dared;
Regardless of any miff, only love runs to your soul that cared.

As I look within and trust my instincts this time,
I feel a safe embrace emancipating warmth, so sublime.

In your faith, this world I chose to out-caste,
I think our souls taste alike, that shall firmly last.

Those blissful moments always play in my heart,
And though bodies are, but my soul from yours is never apart.

"You and Me, Together are You."

We were there….tasting raindrops!

We went to our very own promenade, for no real reason at all;
But before the fire could ignite, the rain began to fall.
We could have left instantly, while I insisted you to stay in the rain;
Such tight got the interlock of ten fingers, that both couldn’t refrain.

Seeing in your eyes, I saw myself falling in love with you;
You said “I love you”, and in my mind I said it too.
That moment when I looked at you, your eyes gave me a sigh;
At the most cutest gaze, as I wondered, why?

Those young feelings within, could never be counted;
Reticence or restraint, by then, had all got surmounted.
That’s when our eyes began talking about all of this;
Every taste of our souls then topped with a kiss.

Then, facing the sea, we held each other on that one special rock,
In my heart is now safe, that passionate lip lock.
Those young feelings I tasted, seemed worth every second of bliss
So whenever I reminisce such moments, I think of my raindrop kiss.

This poem is special to me and will remain very close to my heart.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

A coincidence, but meant to be..

He had lost all, plus hope too had fled,
Despair was strong and strength was dead. 
Some unexpressed feelings never really die,
But boomerang after they're buried alive.

Eventually that quest began on a dark lonely night,
Cutting through the silvery mountains, tough was every plight.
Those anxious eyes constantly looked for the reason of its being;
Emerged from the mist, a Mirage revealing that every string.

He'd lost that little faith in life, she was meant to protect;
Oblivious he was that until she existed, from many storms he'd resurrect
Those mystical eyes would watch him, from wherever they could;
Through the tears he'll see them quietly appear, only to lift his mood

And since those times, every moment this heart wants to treasure,
Something new, something unknown, that respites fully to its pleasure;
He'd realised she was now hinting all those right things,
He sighed and said to himself, let’s see what Time brings.

Now, he always finds her mystical presence by his side,
On her assuring silence n shying eyes, lulls his every stride.
This moonlight wishes their togetherness that the stars now foresee;
The skies too reveal that they’d soon discern, what this is meant to be.

Monday, 2 July 2012

I’d still have you….

Those passed moments said a lot, even though I seemed to refrain;
Do you need another such moment, to realise it, yet again?

I wouldn’t be able to define even if I ever wanted to,
But then this is all I have and you know, it is just for you.

This silence enfolds a retort, try and listen to, what it can hold,
For me, you are the One who can fathom what it has to unfold.

Missing some conversations, in the craziest bond to be;
I think I know that itch, dwelling inside you and me

Your words through me, stood shrill and impromptu;
When it’s so easy with others, why does it get so difficult with you?

Every time I'm talking to you, your eyes begin talking to mine;
And then I realize how easy it is to pick up that every sign.

Once I saw your smile and I knew it wasn’t for me,
That is when I really missed you, and you couldn’t see.

I’ll be the same as everyone else, since it didn’t come true,
And regardless of any interlude, I’d still have you.

A prelude to that Interlude ….

Those shying mystical eyes he recognised, he'll forever treasure;
The way his heart now beats for them, nothing can measure.

T ‘was him, who could retrieve her from the greater silence, 
Only to discern each other in their greatest pretence.

A crazy bond yields sum wonderful memories, meant to cherish each day;
To every hope in our hearts, in a flash we see them perish away.

That esplanade beheld every veil that was all set to fall, 
But nigh on a revelation, an interlude led to a wall.

And then he decided to turn his back to let it bypass,
Oblivious he was that the pain was walking through glass.

The silent her longing is, the more noise he can instill;
Those unsaid words will soon echo, the moment they reveal