Thursday, 26 July 2012

I loved loving you...

This short poem represents mixed feelings of uncertainty in love, confusion caused by distance, disbelief and the very predicaments.
When we are skeptical of the extent of trust we have on us and on our much-loved, the beauty of that bond fades away into oblivion.
Be strength to your Soul mate, and not a weakness.

When I look into your eyes and see things you don't comprehend,
That’s when you get confident of, where those things seem to bend.

Even those answers you're trying to seek,
Keep urging you to taste my soul, and not think.

This endless something that I am breathing deep inside,
Portrays the illusion of myself and all I have to hide.

This confusion, relentless longing for something more than this,
I endeavour to find this being that I envisage, yet seem to miss.

I'd assure you all is fine, although quietly intimidated throughout the day;
A decision, a choice, whatever may come, to my dismay.

And again I miss you by my side, amid this journey so incomplete;
Is this togetherness? My contemplation now, profound and discreet.

"Whenever you miss me, that very feeling within you, is Me."
 I loved loving you, my Buddy, my Soul mate!


  1. This is one of my personal favorite. Felt like reading it again and again. Keep it up. - Marcus

  2. Thank you.. :)
    I’m grateful to you for time and attention in reading this post.

  3. it was very realistic and portrayed a GIRL's mind..beautiful..

    1. Hi Arjun

      Thank you for your kind comments.
      Keep reading and would appreciate further views to help make this space better.

      Stay blessed.