Monday, 21 October 2013

A longing unsure

Right from my soul, to that soul I find myself with, every time and everywhere.. ~ Maya

Words flowing in this poem, just as I am feeling;
Outgrown with love and equally intense longing.

Nurtured by your love, my poetry got a face;
Those words now astray, without your embrace.

When a craving for you slowly emerges;
Your voice I hear and a new desire surges.

Even in this pain, my wishes endure;
Despite this distance, a longing unsure.

Do you see me inching closer to you each day?
Silently whispering my feelings, as I fling my mask away.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

I miss you too.

A constant feeling of your touch, with nothing else to choose;
But when I look at you, you find me cutting loose.

And then the things about us, I choose to despise;
Until I get caught, in your brown seductive eyes.

As I lie down, trying to feel your touch on me;
Some coincidences I relook for, but still can't see.

If I have to tell you everything I've learnt;
And the truth I quash, despite getting burnt.

I miss your words, as much as I miss you;
My pain yet to surface, camouflaged but true.