Sunday, 6 January 2013

That Passion.

That Passion I met and while feeling special at that time;
I discovered that our Souls and even bodies rhyme.
Despite anything, some yearning propels me ahead;
Somehow I trace a path on which towards you I tread.

Still gushing in me are traces of that surprise kiss;
Deeper you were reaching, just before that ultimate bliss.
That Passion comes to meet me in many guises;
A touch here, a tickle there and many steamy surprises.

All it took was a stunning gaze following a passionate kiss;
To realize your corners inside me and places I still miss.
During that stunning gaze, your eyes flirted with my soul;
Gushing through each pore, my feeling then out of control.

I can never forget, when you had held my hand in rage;
It felt like the most strongest force, I could ever gauge.
That passion in your gaze and serenity in your embrace;
Is how I rose in your love even in times of haze.

To each night I narrate the wonderful stories of your embrace;
And the moments I lived in those hours of obtaining grace.
That Passion I see in you and the warmth I find in your brown eyes;
Remembering it, while I seek coolness from the moonlight in these skies.

Would that Passion still be, if I am unable to be in any other way?
Would you allow me to love you and let us live each day?
I remember you saying that, Love doesn't judge nor has any goal;
And that all that Passion knows and is eager, is to serve the soul.

"Perhaps just doesn't exist in Love, you can only be sure in it and the good news is that Love has a habit of coming back" ~ Maya

To Live and Love

Once I knew a man, who attracted me with his passion;
Who wrote beautiful poetries feeling some connection.
His quill made love with poems and stories a lot;
I wish to be his muse, be in each idea and every thought.

Having no respite whether sleeping or awake;
Under some spell it feels and the best dreams to shake.
What we always wished for us, was only love and care;
When we sought for each other, hands empty in despair.

You! You consumed us, resided in us and tortured us;
Showed us that dark side, our souls fearful and haunted thus.
I pray to Mother Nature to do us a last favor;
I am sure her love will help us cross over.

We wish to live in our world of fantasy;
To scream and retell whatever we see.
I know his Soul, like mine, is urging to write;
Please return us our times, we don't wish to fight.

My soul's hungry for those words since ages;
I thrive on them else could die on those blank pages.
I now seek The One, the Soul of a writer;
In this darkness, I know that’s our only shelter.

Where am I and where's my Quill?

Its around the first anniversary of my blog and I am feeling highly terrible about ignoring it. Lack of writing and then calling myself a writer? I just cant have any excuse! Period.

"A Soul once known for its quality to control will;
Endeavored to write with an uninspired quill."

Thanks to some of my readers and Twitter pals who reminded me of my ignorance. And of course, special thanks to that special soul - My quill's eternal inspiration.

Well, past few months I think I was on an unplanned sabbatical from writing. And during this very time, I underwent some experiences and each one of them consumed me differently. I fell sick, I got hurt, I felt unloved and I became hopeless. But, at the same time Mother Nature made sure I was getting reintroduced to 'Love' in various forms. I wish to share them with you.

The most touching moment during that time came in the form of an evening. I was returning home from my doctor's clinic and was around the elevator area of my building. Suddenly, I came across someone from whom I couldn't take my eyes off. While I waited for the elevator, I looked at him and my world kinda stopped right there! Sigh!! I had caught him gazing at me with all the world's love in his eyes! I saw love for me in his watery eyes. I call him Manu. A 2.5 months old puppy and a new refuge at the security lounge.
A couple of days later, at around 6:30 am in the morning I woke up to the worst condition of my health those days. I managed to walk up to the window, pulled the curtains aside and found my favorite plant waiting to surprise me with beautiful flowers of this season. Sigh!! It seemed that they bloomed just to give me hope.
During the weekend I was stuck at a place I visit often. It was around 3 pm in the noon and I was damn hungry. As I was eagerly waiting in a queue, a 3 year old baby Evlyn offered me a bite from her candy and handed over her biscuit pack. Sigh!! My heart was engulfed in love and warmth.
And Manu, he still continues to gaze lovingly and follows me everywhere.

What had changed? I was touched at those corners inside me which never knew even existed. I had genuinely 'felt loved'. They all gave me the ability to feel alive, they gave me inspiration and most importantly, that dire urge to write.

"The poetries I wrote, complained that they feel wasted;
A revival they demand and want those words resurrected."

Those times, those moments revived a feeling of gratitude towards every being in this Universe. I will write, no matter what! This is not a resolution, but a realization that, this quill always possessed the will to embrace serendipity.