Sunday, 6 January 2013

That Passion.

That Passion I met and while feeling special at that time;
I discovered that our Souls and even bodies rhyme.
Despite anything, some yearning propels me ahead;
Somehow I trace a path on which towards you I tread.

Still gushing in me are traces of that surprise kiss;
Deeper you were reaching, just before that ultimate bliss.
That Passion comes to meet me in many guises;
A touch here, a tickle there and many steamy surprises.

All it took was a stunning gaze following a passionate kiss;
To realize your corners inside me and places I still miss.
During that stunning gaze, your eyes flirted with my soul;
Gushing through each pore, my feeling then out of control.

I can never forget, when you had held my hand in rage;
It felt like the most strongest force, I could ever gauge.
That passion in your gaze and serenity in your embrace;
Is how I rose in your love even in times of haze.

To each night I narrate the wonderful stories of your embrace;
And the moments I lived in those hours of obtaining grace.
That Passion I see in you and the warmth I find in your brown eyes;
Remembering it, while I seek coolness from the moonlight in these skies.

Would that Passion still be, if I am unable to be in any other way?
Would you allow me to love you and let us live each day?
I remember you saying that, Love doesn't judge nor has any goal;
And that all that Passion knows and is eager, is to serve the soul.

"Perhaps just doesn't exist in Love, you can only be sure in it and the good news is that Love has a habit of coming back" ~ Maya


  1. WOW - tremendous expression of thought

    1. Hey, Nice of you to drop me a WOW line :)

  2. Maya,

    Some verses made me nostalgic about when I began writing, and if you can do that to a writer, you have conjured up some beautiful verses. I personally like the sequential flow... Keep up the good work!



    1. Hi Marcus,

      Not sure of how much of my work really qualifies, but I am still a novice. Your feedback helps.
      Thank you.


  3. It's beautiful. The words you have used actually made me think of all the expressions, the kisses, the gaze, everything. You write so well Maya. Keep penning down your thoughts. :)