Saturday, 3 March 2012

Some insights on Mortal Ties

  • Resonance in emotional relationships is like vitamins nourishing them daily. When you sincerely listen, you can create feelings of trust and affection.
  • Different interests between two people must be seen as stimulation and not hurdle. As long as there is understanding and willingness, there is always room to grow together.
  • When chemistry is felt, it is a sign that growth is possible transforming the annoyance into sense of fulfillment.
  • Love is that inspiration that stimulates mortals to hunt for that other better side.
  • Until a woman seeks true love and evolves as a life partner, a part of her heart remains dormant. Until a woman gives birth and evolves as a Mother, a part of her soul remains dormant.
  • The only escape a Man has from his former self is to see a different self in the mirror of a Woman’s eyes.
  • Any relationship is ultimately between the two people, but somehow we happen to see ‘people’ and the ‘two’ get forgotten, the count is lost.
  • How long the two know each other doesn't matter. What matters is when you said “I’ll be here for you” and you lived it.
  • It is immoral to confuse somebody’s feelings just because you aren't certain of yours.
  • The only thing I fear in Nuptial is change of heart; and it doesn't happen just like that but the love in it dies.
  • Infidelity supervenes when the degree of insatiability causes the relationship to digress. It is curable, but one has to work on it on their own.
  • It is easier to control the first desire than to satisfy all that follows it.
  • One reaches the final commitment after exploring numerous choices.
  • Love is that state of mind which comes before any sanity. 
  • The one who falls in love already is into a state of mind to take it as an ailment.
  • When you think you should express how you feel about that someone, go ahead. Expressing your feeling is not a commitment!

Why Mother Nature, Why…?

We burn all our life and at last Death too contributes,
It’s the Mortals and not the Wood, who follow its attributes.

I asked Mother Nature, in Water, what did you miss to inculcate,
It floats a dead but drowns a swimmer and behaves so disparate.

As autumn sets in, flowers from the tree begin to spurt, 
Though we don’t hear its sound, doesn’t mean they don’t get hurt.

Every flora and fauna has to live apiece as distinct chapter,
For Blossom remains natural and Bloom comes thereafter.

Can’t every Mortal have his individual sky,
So that when he feels he can soar and fly.

Can’t every Mortal write his own destiny and then die,
This child questions you, Why Mother Nature..Why?

Life... a culinary affair.

Living life to all its wholesome grandeur is like squeezing the most into one life. However, we often realize that overdoing doesn’t guarantee the most. 

Life is a culinary affair.
For a good recipe, you need to combine various flavours, spices, etc. then u take your time to assemble them till it reaches a perfect taste and texture. Likewise take your time to breakdown your life into events and events into happenings. At times you may find yourself dwindling between whether you have opted for the right or the wrong path.
We mistake daily pressure with stress. A deadline in office keeps u under pressure but when you can’t sleep due to a contract, losing your sleep, appetite, etc. and this turns into Stress.
Stress steals away the enthusiasm of being alive. We all crave attention and that TLC you wish to have when you give others. This goes a long way to give you the bounce in life. So, Maya instantly recommends you to take a break and try these tips…
  • Listen to your inner voice 
When you are honest to your own self, you automatically get prepared to take up new challenges. The success enhances your confidence and boosts the inner satisfaction.
It’s always there and never goes away,
It’s ready to help and show you the way.
To know what to do you just have to confide,
That deep inner voice,  the voice inside.

  • Be with the one who trusts you
When the pressure in a cooker increases, the safety valve gets active and extra pressure is released. But for us there is no such mechanism to release mental pressure building inside due to the situations in life. Identify your support system who supports you and believes in you, then nothing can go wrong. When you are understood by someone, a sense of security and confidence binds you and you know someone is out there to tell you whether you are making the right or the wrong decision.

  • Practice Silence 
If you are impatient, your brain seems to stop working and you cannot figure out what's happening.

Silence is a discipline for the soul that helps you monitor accurately and deal with the impact of each gaze, thought, impulse, word and action. ~Maya

If you are at peace within yourself, taking the right decision seems easy. Relaxation is the key and is a state of awareness when you give in to the urge to succumb. For example, sufficient sleep is must to recharge your batteries that occurs due to release of serotonin levels in the system.

  • Stay positive 
Positive thinking helps you gain a certain confidence about your decisions and you are sure about yourself make the right decisions. Furthermore it helps you gain others confidence and obstacles automatically seem to move out of your way. Your thoughts create your reality because your thoughts determine how you respond to situations in your daily life. Those responses are the energy you have inside of you to give away.

  • Do things you wish to
The Human mind is a playground for endless possibilities. You alone have the power to give complete experience to your Being, your existence and purpose of life. Therefore it is important that you know yourself and accept yourself in your own eyes and eventually in the eyes of others.
This itself makes it more than just another life with the power to appeal to your intellect that says “I‘ll fall, but I will start again and live life to its entirety.

When a character is powerful, there exists the courage to make the right choices. And when its path is right, there is no unrest in the mind. There is no space for internal conflicts between desires and deeds. Subsequently there is peace in the Soul. ~Maya

The affair begins now!
This is the defining moment, etch the best out of it, respect it and live it.