Saturday, 3 March 2012

Some insights on Mortal Ties

  • Resonance in emotional relationships is like vitamins nourishing them daily. When you sincerely listen, you can create feelings of trust and affection.
  • Different interests between two people must be seen as stimulation and not hurdle. As long as there is understanding and willingness, there is always room to grow together.
  • When chemistry is felt, it is a sign that growth is possible transforming the annoyance into sense of fulfillment.
  • Love is that inspiration that stimulates mortals to hunt for that other better side.
  • Until a woman seeks true love and evolves as a life partner, a part of her heart remains dormant. Until a woman gives birth and evolves as a Mother, a part of her soul remains dormant.
  • The only escape a Man has from his former self is to see a different self in the mirror of a Woman’s eyes.
  • Any relationship is ultimately between the two people, but somehow we happen to see ‘people’ and the ‘two’ get forgotten, the count is lost.
  • How long the two know each other doesn't matter. What matters is when you said “I’ll be here for you” and you lived it.
  • It is immoral to confuse somebody’s feelings just because you aren't certain of yours.
  • The only thing I fear in Nuptial is change of heart; and it doesn't happen just like that but the love in it dies.
  • Infidelity supervenes when the degree of insatiability causes the relationship to digress. It is curable, but one has to work on it on their own.
  • It is easier to control the first desire than to satisfy all that follows it.
  • One reaches the final commitment after exploring numerous choices.
  • Love is that state of mind which comes before any sanity. 
  • The one who falls in love already is into a state of mind to take it as an ailment.
  • When you think you should express how you feel about that someone, go ahead. Expressing your feeling is not a commitment!

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