Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Love fractured so deep!

Those dreams came gift wrapped in a deceiving grace;
She unpacked, and reality exploded on his face.

Dangling on the edge of reality, she spun a web about them;
She slept off and dreamt another web, waiting for them to condemn.

She screams out freely but, only inside her soul;
Where he stays just as an entity, without any role.

Their time under trial, as new desires were born;
Quietly seeking each other, for a transformation forlorn.

Their souls have begun to tremble, in some fear they creep;
Overwhelmed in remorse, love fractured so deep.

Its nigh, time to reflect!

I just remembered a thought, once called as gathering sand,
Then a voice beckoned, reminding me of its ever upper hand.

A thundering black cloud capable of giving anybody a nightmare,
Only I could see its silver lining, but then I too drench in scare.

Have no respite whether sleeping or awake,
Under some spell it feels and my best dreams to shake.

I'll for sure resurrect and equal hope,
Despite whatever situations I may need to cope.

My soul now seeks for a place secure;
Where my world and his words can endure.

From the eye of my Soul I can see a world;
Where every being would thrive on his written word.

Telling my story to a stranger can't bring you to me;
The direction of wind cannot decide, the way our lives are going to be.

I know only a few need me, who might turn to other people soon;
My passing will be a setback, but I'll be remembered as a boon.

Sunday, 3 February 2013


It’s cold everywhere without you, your embrace;
Heartbeats faltering in some anxiety, I'm unable to trace.
And then, all the primitive desires once caught by fear;
Blooming one by one, as those moments were here.

He held her face in his hands, kissing softly, tucked her under his chin and whispered, “I love you baby. You may lean on me and I’ll help you find all those missing pieces.”

My soul feels safe, when you are by my side;
Together we become, stronger than any tide.
An unseen unconscious move, into the embrace of your eyes;
Causes a fall in every restraint, and I begin to rise.

When the night belonged to us, who knew what would've happened then;
Every ounce of me rejoicing, feeling your ounce in me once again.
I began to love everything in which, your presence I could see;
Because it was you who was creating, your space inside me.

I knew not what you felt like, until your every inch whispered across mine, pulling me closer, addicting my soul.

Last night again it happened, I was sleeping when you were here;
I fell to your safe arms, though my dreams now come with a tear.
Occasional union whenever we choose to mate;
Rest is suffering in silence or struggling with fate.

Hold me don’t let me go. Make me look into your eyes to feel that sweet longing and agony that I am lost to you. ~ Maya

And towards you I tread….

Within me, amid so many wonderful feelings I learn;
I come across a love that asks for no return.
For that Passion with which, my soul wishes to be;
And that Love that takes away me, from me.

That passionate moment when you told me "You are mine'";
And I still feel lost in, those brown eyes giving out every sign.
I could not believe it, since I hardly did knew;
That I had somewhere reserved a night for you.

Slowly heightened passion, emotions running deep;
Your gaze locked my eyes, and I couldn't sleep.
I awakened, while you touched my every desire;
Only to ignite some more passion in that fire.

You said you always find me, in your every fantasy;
And beneath that mask were you, waiting to get thrown into ecstasy.
Whilst asleep in your embrace, I remember that sudden quickening of my heart;
And the way you arched yourself closer, to comfort my every part.

Those arms and it's force, uncontrollably strong;
And my soul gave in, as nothing seemed wrong.
Safe and warm, you held me tight;
While sharing our desires at that night.

Do you remember feeling me through your fingertips,
Enveloping me inside till you gave in to my innocent lips.
Amid clueless moves, you started from my lips;
A sighing collapse thereafter , where ecstasy drips

Absolute submerge in your love, and stumbling of every virgin thought;
Heat penetrating in my skin, while in ecstasy we were caught.
That Night offered us such compassion even in its cold;
It wrapped us in passion and had the warm sheets to unfold.

A tiring but cute fight, happening below the warm sheets;
Yet again that longing for exchanging each other's gifts
Despite coyness, some yearning propels me ahead;
And I trace a path on which, towards you I tread.