Sunday, 3 February 2013


It’s cold everywhere without you, your embrace;
Heartbeats faltering in some anxiety, I'm unable to trace.
And then, all the primitive desires once caught by fear;
Blooming one by one, as those moments were here.

He held her face in his hands, kissing softly, tucked her under his chin and whispered, “I love you baby. You may lean on me and I’ll help you find all those missing pieces.”

My soul feels safe, when you are by my side;
Together we become, stronger than any tide.
An unseen unconscious move, into the embrace of your eyes;
Causes a fall in every restraint, and I begin to rise.

When the night belonged to us, who knew what would've happened then;
Every ounce of me rejoicing, feeling your ounce in me once again.
I began to love everything in which, your presence I could see;
Because it was you who was creating, your space inside me.

I knew not what you felt like, until your every inch whispered across mine, pulling me closer, addicting my soul.

Last night again it happened, I was sleeping when you were here;
I fell to your safe arms, though my dreams now come with a tear.
Occasional union whenever we choose to mate;
Rest is suffering in silence or struggling with fate.

Hold me don’t let me go. Make me look into your eyes to feel that sweet longing and agony that I am lost to you. ~ Maya

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