Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Its nigh, time to reflect!

I just remembered a thought, once called as gathering sand,
Then a voice beckoned, reminding me of its ever upper hand.

A thundering black cloud capable of giving anybody a nightmare,
Only I could see its silver lining, but then I too drench in scare.

Have no respite whether sleeping or awake,
Under some spell it feels and my best dreams to shake.

I'll for sure resurrect and equal hope,
Despite whatever situations I may need to cope.

My soul now seeks for a place secure;
Where my world and his words can endure.

From the eye of my Soul I can see a world;
Where every being would thrive on his written word.

Telling my story to a stranger can't bring you to me;
The direction of wind cannot decide, the way our lives are going to be.

I know only a few need me, who might turn to other people soon;
My passing will be a setback, but I'll be remembered as a boon.

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