Sunday, 3 February 2013

And towards you I tread….

Within me, amid so many wonderful feelings I learn;
I come across a love that asks for no return.
For that Passion with which, my soul wishes to be;
And that Love that takes away me, from me.

That passionate moment when you told me "You are mine'";
And I still feel lost in, those brown eyes giving out every sign.
I could not believe it, since I hardly did knew;
That I had somewhere reserved a night for you.

Slowly heightened passion, emotions running deep;
Your gaze locked my eyes, and I couldn't sleep.
I awakened, while you touched my every desire;
Only to ignite some more passion in that fire.

You said you always find me, in your every fantasy;
And beneath that mask were you, waiting to get thrown into ecstasy.
Whilst asleep in your embrace, I remember that sudden quickening of my heart;
And the way you arched yourself closer, to comfort my every part.

Those arms and it's force, uncontrollably strong;
And my soul gave in, as nothing seemed wrong.
Safe and warm, you held me tight;
While sharing our desires at that night.

Do you remember feeling me through your fingertips,
Enveloping me inside till you gave in to my innocent lips.
Amid clueless moves, you started from my lips;
A sighing collapse thereafter , where ecstasy drips

Absolute submerge in your love, and stumbling of every virgin thought;
Heat penetrating in my skin, while in ecstasy we were caught.
That Night offered us such compassion even in its cold;
It wrapped us in passion and had the warm sheets to unfold.

A tiring but cute fight, happening below the warm sheets;
Yet again that longing for exchanging each other's gifts
Despite coyness, some yearning propels me ahead;
And I trace a path on which, towards you I tread.

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