Thursday, 28 March 2013

What really changed?

         Emily was insisting that she would go out alone now.  She doesn’t want Miguel to be with her all the time; especially when she is busy doing some personal things.  Emily liked the company of her neighbour, Remo.  Remo was smart, tall and handsomely dark.  But with Miguel around, Emily was always a little conscious while doing her routine things on the morning round.  She kept telling herself “I am young enough now to handle some things on my own.”

          Miguel had to give up one day.  He instructed Emily about the usual round, the turnings on the road, the probable attractions she would come across on her way and which of course, she should avoid.  The long chain was removed at last but the belt around her neck showing her ultimate ownership, was allowed to rest as usual.
         Phew! This feels fantastic!  Emily breathed deeply and sensed the sheer happiness.  She took the usual road, the usual stops and met the usual friends.  She flirted with Remo more openly today.  Everyone nodded with great appreciation and commented casually, “Seems like trying to run away from Miguel”.  But Emily was least bothered.  In fact she could have easily given a bark or a bite in return, but “No.” She only thought, “Oh heavenly God, Forgive them.  They don’t know what they are talking about.”
           For a week or two, she tried this, going out alone…… all alone.  But surprisingly she started thinking about Miguel.  How he chats with her while on the round, where he stops for his routine cigarette and buddies, how he caresses her when she is a good girl. 
“Oh my God, Is he my Master or my inevitable companion? Why at all am I thinking about him? Does he take me on a round every day or I make him run after me?”  Emily now, was a bit confused. 

          With a whoo hoo, she shared this with some of her friends. Some approved of her freedom, some were worried for security reasons.  Some even couldn’t understand why this venture all of a sudden?  “But anyway, all are friends in the end and care for me”, Emily thought. 
          Then she decided to play a safe game.  She herself requested Miguel to accompany her on the usual outings.  Miguel…..overwhelmed with Emily’s surrender, took a very casual decision.  He purchased a New Long Italian Leather Belt for Emily in place of the old steel chain.  Now Emily and the Master, both go together everywhere, Master happy with her presence, Emily happy for the safety she deserves from him.

 Ultimately, the Belts changed…… and not the relations bent by it.

In Love or in Pain!

You once decided to show me the mirror. But, it fell off your hands.
The glass pieces are still stuck in my eyes. I'm carefully removing them.
I hope my eyes find you the same.

Encompassing the dismal hopes, a deafening fury difficult to lookout;
The floodgates now loosened, for the fiery river wanting to breakout.
Empty traces of air, blasting from within as I see;
Like an oracle fooling and mocking around me.
Alike a rainbow amid a storm, that doesn't come alive;
My being feels numb and hollow, deep inside.

“When I touched you, life touched me”, You had said.

The tranquility of the hundreds of storms you instill;
Stroke me to sleep until my heart chants “Be tranquil.”
I shall give in to you, again and again;
Be it in Love or in Pain!

“Love in its true form can eliminate your fear of believing in the one you love.”