Thursday, 28 March 2013

In Love or in Pain!

You once decided to show me the mirror. But, it fell off your hands.
The glass pieces are still stuck in my eyes. I'm carefully removing them.
I hope my eyes find you the same.

Encompassing the dismal hopes, a deafening fury difficult to lookout;
The floodgates now loosened, for the fiery river wanting to breakout.
Empty traces of air, blasting from within as I see;
Like an oracle fooling and mocking around me.
Alike a rainbow amid a storm, that doesn't come alive;
My being feels numb and hollow, deep inside.

“When I touched you, life touched me”, You had said.

The tranquility of the hundreds of storms you instill;
Stroke me to sleep until my heart chants “Be tranquil.”
I shall give in to you, again and again;
Be it in Love or in Pain!

“Love in its true form can eliminate your fear of believing in the one you love.”


  1. This is tremendously powerful. I am actually speechless. I haven't come across something like this in a long long time. Fabulous writing. Deeply moving and deeply felt.

    ~ Siddharth

  2. Its a pleasure to have been read by you.
    Thank you for the encouragement. :)