Sunday, 29 January 2012

Some of my best couplets..Thanks to the lovely weather.

In my every fond moments you hold a right,
When I reminisce, amid your memories only, begins a fight.

Towards the Goodbye, you start a topic u preferred to skip rather,
And then begins an argument that prolongs their time together.

Those words stuck within your lips subtly moved to your eyes,
And since they talk a lot I could see the disguise.

When you held my hand out of the blue,
Just tell me,how much of you was left with you?

A Storm

Sitting by the window I witnessed all the storms sway,
But the yesterday’s storm had my window thrown away.

I saw a Bird who kept searching for his house and went astray,
How do I tell him that I saw his house washed to that bay.

But one storm inside me fiercely raged the other day,
I can still feel the turbulence emanating, through me I can say.

Now I see the silvery moon and I smile and pray,
While the small remnants I discover are now here to stay.

Early insights

This era of convulsive transformations has caused disarray in the demographic scorecard. The complete picture on world scene covers of lots of problems mostly due to lack of moral values. Be it crime against Women, Environmental pollution, Addictions, Corruption, Racism, psychosomatic ailments, Relationship issues, Population, Poverty, Women abuse, Child abuse, Misuse of Media/Technology, Inflation, threats of military interventions, disregard for UN and so on....
We must understand that by giving any nomenclature to a problem, we give a face only to its manifest form whereas its roots invariably lie in the breach of a value, moral code or spiritual law. The primitive theory by Karl Marx points to the concerns in society, and hence he had incited people to work on value dissonance. This was then called Economics in academic segment. Therefore, now and then, Self-transformation has been the call of time which leads to Social transformation.
Slowly and steadily, whatever happens in this world will start to fetch interest all over; there are many considerate souls who have already gauged what is impending. I had always thought that there will come a time when humankind is called to move to a new level of cognizance, to reach a higher moral terrain. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other, and that time is NOW!
Then again, the quality of environment we live is certainly deteriorating. Global warming is nothing but the earth suffering from fatal fever, during which the five elements would be in great unrest and the entire polluted system would perish. Mother Nature is benevolent, and will play key role in this process of metamorphosis. I strongly feel that climate change is a blessing in disguise. Because it would at the end rekindle earth, a state of natural harmony and splendor which the earth once inherited.

I shall keep posting my I see them..

Saturday, 28 January 2012

To this Buddy of mine..

Life has its own way to make us smile especially at times when you lose hope, but some surprise packages come your way just when you think you would never smile again. So.. here's a small accolade for them.

I wish to reminisce those special people who've given me lots of love and care,
And those others who’ve enriched my life just by being there. 
There is something in this bond very rare to discover,
That in some way inspired me to this endeavor.
To this Buddy of mine, all the way through,
I’ll be grateful that I met You.

Maya's debut

I am still figuring out as to what purpose I am here for, but somewhere in my mind I know I want to reach out to the world. And this being my first post, I would like to share with you that it took me 10 years to etch first 100 pages of my best writings.
It didn’t feel very vexing though, until I came across an akin and thats my Buddy and Mentor, who accidentally managed to create the circumstances for me to invent and mature; an exclusive tutorial of brainstorming with no ready-made material for me.
In person, nobody knows themselves very well. But when they do, Life is never the same. So, here's Maya seeking insight in to the deceptive nature of the evident phenomena, commonly known as Reality.