Sunday, 6 January 2013

To Live and Love

Once I knew a man, who attracted me with his passion;
Who wrote beautiful poetries feeling some connection.
His quill made love with poems and stories a lot;
I wish to be his muse, be in each idea and every thought.

Having no respite whether sleeping or awake;
Under some spell it feels and the best dreams to shake.
What we always wished for us, was only love and care;
When we sought for each other, hands empty in despair.

You! You consumed us, resided in us and tortured us;
Showed us that dark side, our souls fearful and haunted thus.
I pray to Mother Nature to do us a last favor;
I am sure her love will help us cross over.

We wish to live in our world of fantasy;
To scream and retell whatever we see.
I know his Soul, like mine, is urging to write;
Please return us our times, we don't wish to fight.

My soul's hungry for those words since ages;
I thrive on them else could die on those blank pages.
I now seek The One, the Soul of a writer;
In this darkness, I know that’s our only shelter.

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