Thursday, 26 July 2012

Whether the Void or the Voice inside?

Its 2 am in the morning, and my hands just didn’t stop from writing this. It comes at a time in my life when things are very mystifying. Be it my thoughts, situations at hand or the recent experiences. I realise that things are changing fast and couldn’t say it better than this, I think I'm nervous. It's about not taking the normal route of life and finding what makes you happy, but doing things out of the box, no matter what and doing it rapidly.

A mere Void is what, my life has become;
An obscure being now, ludicrously gruesome.
Smiles, Laughter & Happiness, in this soul to decay;
Hopelessness, sombre & melancholy, embraces me today.

That night my soul screamed at, where it thought humanity dwells;
To insolence & disdain, embodied those nocturnal spells.
Shadows casting across tremble the soul, all in bewilderment
A mystical sense of reality shells the creatures of predicament.

A Void builds an awful wreckage, almost taking my soul away;
Making it further futile to hope, dream and pray.
Pressing my forehead on the door, this futile mind seeks guidance;
Reeling towards me a hazy illusion, as I resolve to combat that instance.

If I can endure for 'this' moment, whatever is occurring to me;
No matter how reluctant I feel, or how hopeless the moment may be.
If I believe myself, just like you trust that to be true;
I'll for sure resurrect with every dawn, that'll see a new day too.

Life never loses its ability, to nurture noble causes to smile.
And to be a cause to many other smiles, pursue one as you walk their mile.
Let's live every day, even though it's face is unknown to you;
I know Life seems a mystery, and that Death holds the clue.

In longevity, many storms will rage;
Most subside but some relapse that u can’t cage.
The strong winds will fade, but just let faith ride;
Your inner voice will save you, the Voice inside.

"Never keep those complicated things locked up inside you, they'll make you sick" ~Maya


  1. Beautifully written! I have experienced this feeling of void and confusion at times in my existence. I never thought of these feelings from the perspective of letting go like you've described here. You've given me something to think about. I do tend to keep complicated things locked up... Although, I have discovered, it seems easier to expell them poetically. Thanks for your insight.

  2. Hey Julie

    Thank you very much for your time and attention taken to read my blog.
    Appreciate your feedback..
    Keep reading.. and would also like to see suggestions to make this space better.