Monday, 2 July 2012

I’d still have you….

Those passed moments said a lot, even though I seemed to refrain;
Do you need another such moment, to realise it, yet again?

I wouldn’t be able to define even if I ever wanted to,
But then this is all I have and you know, it is just for you.

This silence enfolds a retort, try and listen to, what it can hold,
For me, you are the One who can fathom what it has to unfold.

Missing some conversations, in the craziest bond to be;
I think I know that itch, dwelling inside you and me

Your words through me, stood shrill and impromptu;
When it’s so easy with others, why does it get so difficult with you?

Every time I'm talking to you, your eyes begin talking to mine;
And then I realize how easy it is to pick up that every sign.

Once I saw your smile and I knew it wasn’t for me,
That is when I really missed you, and you couldn’t see.

I’ll be the same as everyone else, since it didn’t come true,
And regardless of any interlude, I’d still have you.

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