Monday, 2 July 2012

A prelude to that Interlude ….

Those shying mystical eyes he recognised, he'll forever treasure;
The way his heart now beats for them, nothing can measure.

T ‘was him, who could retrieve her from the greater silence, 
Only to discern each other in their greatest pretence.

A crazy bond yields sum wonderful memories, meant to cherish each day;
To every hope in our hearts, in a flash we see them perish away.

That esplanade beheld every veil that was all set to fall, 
But nigh on a revelation, an interlude led to a wall.

And then he decided to turn his back to let it bypass,
Oblivious he was that the pain was walking through glass.

The silent her longing is, the more noise he can instill;
Those unsaid words will soon echo, the moment they reveal

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