Thursday, 26 July 2012

It’s in Love, that I wish to be in, with you!

I found you, and now, you no more need to look for me,
Since you shall find me everywhere, I'm meant to be.

Can you take me there, where the snow peaks kiss the sky?
Your dream now I seek too with a watchful eye.

You and Me, a cause with reason, feels such a sterile emotion;
And makes it a creation, that seeks no answer, no justification.

Hope and peace filled my soul, where once only turmoil dared;
Regardless of any miff, only love runs to your soul that cared.

As I look within and trust my instincts this time,
I feel a safe embrace emancipating warmth, so sublime.

In your faith, this world I chose to out-caste,
I think our souls taste alike, that shall firmly last.

Those blissful moments always play in my heart,
And though bodies are, but my soul from yours is never apart.

"You and Me, Together are You."

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