Saturday, 7 July 2012

A coincidence, but meant to be..

He had lost all, plus hope too had fled,
Despair was strong and strength was dead. 
Some unexpressed feelings never really die,
But boomerang after they're buried alive.

Eventually that quest began on a dark lonely night,
Cutting through the silvery mountains, tough was every plight.
Those anxious eyes constantly looked for the reason of its being;
Emerged from the mist, a Mirage revealing that every string.

He'd lost that little faith in life, she was meant to protect;
Oblivious he was that until she existed, from many storms he'd resurrect
Those mystical eyes would watch him, from wherever they could;
Through the tears he'll see them quietly appear, only to lift his mood

And since those times, every moment this heart wants to treasure,
Something new, something unknown, that respites fully to its pleasure;
He'd realised she was now hinting all those right things,
He sighed and said to himself, let’s see what Time brings.

Now, he always finds her mystical presence by his side,
On her assuring silence n shying eyes, lulls his every stride.
This moonlight wishes their togetherness that the stars now foresee;
The skies too reveal that they’d soon discern, what this is meant to be.

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