Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sleepless stupor.

She hears his voice each night and looks for him,
Quickly gets off her bed and turns to the window brim.

She stumbles over the table and her quest in vain,
She reaches out to comfort him, but not show her pain.

She feels his touch, his fragrance and his footfall,
Despite the surroundings, for her, his presence is all.

It must be tough to pass each night anew,
Lying awake in splinters, the dark night threw.

From his thoughts, she has no respite, no escape,
Without his love, her world sees no meaning, no shape.

Her soul sprawls in pain, she cries herself to sleep,
As the night comes again, she knows it is just another weep.

In this sleepless stupor, she whispers, “My world seems a drag without you,
Show me a sign, if your life is splintered too.”

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