Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Will we ever stay....?

You held my hand, so differently, the first date we had met,
The distance was so near, although wasn't visible yet.
Something like a jolt or a lightning of some kind,
Just another girl I thought and drifted off in my mind.
You longed for her, and for gathering the sand,
But she wasn’t there, so I extended my hand.
Time passed by and I've no clue how,
I clinged to life on phone with you somehow.
And so, Mother Nature responded during the times we spent,
We became good friends and that's how it all went.
Somehow I knew it meant more than that,
I kept staring at my feelings and expressions in your chat.
Even when it felt so right, we were on different pathway,
For I know no reason, why you let it slip away.
We didn’t see each other much thereafter,
For there was very little time, we had together.
I am not the same without you in my life,
My eyes look for you, with much pain and strife.
My eyes still get caught in your brown seductive eyes,
I pretend, I mask and each time a feeling dies.

This time we had to leave, a painful sight for me,
I wish we could make love, before we were set free.
One last kiss,one last hug, one last chance,
I'll treasure us making love, even if its just a glance.


  1. Awww..I feel the author :) This is fabulous Maya! I just loved it!

  2. Thank you so much Dear.
    I am glad my words touched you.
    I appreciate your feedback. :)