Sunday, 24 August 2014

Temet Nosce!

Very often, our ideas about what something means, are not our own. They’re all extracted from the external world around us. Be it people, literature or social network, etc.
The fact is that, we have allowed them to become enormously powerful forces, who define what we want and our perception about ourselves.
I aint writing this post to criticize our way of thinking these ideas, but that we should ensure that we own them, and that we’re truly the architects of our own lives.
It's already bad to not get what you want, but it’s worst to realize in the end that the idea of what's wanted for yourself, isn't really what you wanted all this while.
It is precarious phase in which we dont know what we are waiting for and also looking for something.
So, keep finding it until you know what you want. Know what you want. Know yourself. Temet Nosce!

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