Sunday, 29 April 2012

What didn't matter then does matter now!

Overlooking this sanity let the feelings emerge;
For those anxious eyes will need a sea to submerge.

Sea and sand always have a joint household;
To plunge in the sea or gather the sand, who will unfold?

Those 'in between' lines can be read in your subtle eyes;
That fire which is whatever called,is felt even in disguise.

Every goodbye finishes our conversations wanting;
Even when you give enough, ‘Some more’ I still feel like asking.

We just couldn't be when the storm was near;
Those signs..You couldn't read and I couldnt hear.

Did you hear that heartbeat getting louder with every moment?
I smile even though inside I wanna break down for that life spent          

THIS feeling when I feel I am tearing into two;
And like you I’ve lost a part of me too.

Talking to you is like opening a wound now;
What didn't matter then does matter now.

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