Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tell me, how much of you is left with you?

A nest of two birds, who wish to love n abide,
If one muddles up, the other to keep the stride.

Its routine now that you escape the moment something I say,
Don’t I know that you wave a Bye to check if I ask you to stay.

You made me Feel and Caution I read and then kept looking for steep curves ahead.
Your happiness is something I've always cared, Can I hold your hand, together as we tread?

You try to fit Love in a relation and that will always make it lethal,
But if it is not the way to esteem then people don’t consider it legal.

You know you won’t get to meet, but you still persist, it is difficult but you know your Heart just can’t resist.
I trust the impossibility of togetherness if you insist, but my love for you this heart will forever consist.

My Mind now wishes for a trip to your memories, that’s something I concern.
Poor thing on the way gets so happy, but then it refuses to return.

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