Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Life is unpredictable, but a great leveller!!

Waiting for things to fall in place with Time?  Time does not help until you are ready to move ahead!
Life is too precious to burden yourself with people and situations that don’t even deserve to be a problem in your life.

You always have a Choice; and when you begin to think what is missing, it is another attempt to put your life in order. ~Maya

Don’t consider yourself a mistake just because you did some mistakes in your Life. It is fine to make mistakes as Life never came with user handbooks. What is important is you don’t repeat them. The difference between Success and Failure is being able to learn from past mistakes to become more discerning. After all the first step to Success initiates when you rectify the Mistakes.

Circumstances do not decide the quality of your life, your handling them does. Circumstances need you to face them with courage and not by giving up.  ~Maya

We mostly realise that something that doesn’t matter to you causes you to lose something that does. But we can’t even say “Not Again!!” to those circumstances in which the struggle is endless. Honestly, everybody is struggling and so we must not underestimate anybody’s pain. Nevertheless some people are better at masking it than the rest.

There are times when you miss some people, some conversations, some moments. Times Change! And you see it. But that’s not what hurts. What hurts is remembering how it used to be.Typically, the person who gives you the best times and laughter in your life will most likely make you cry in his absence. Hard to forget ‘it’ when ‘it’ gives you many things to remember.

At different whiles, people undergo transition in Life. And at that juncture if you don’t hear from them, you are a part of that transition process. Often the current situations force you to accept that flowing with the natural course and allowing things to happen, is the only way at that moment.Pain, sometimes triggers your going. And it may be a turning point, a new paradigm, a new understanding.

When you choose a path of personal empowerment, an internal struggle rages. One part wants to move and the other wants to pause. The trick is to understand this and focus on the triggers of internal resistance and not on the ones that push you forth.

Every such juncture needs you to do a CTRL+ALT+DEL. Take the CTRL of your life, find ALTernatives to decide and DEL the baggage you hold on to and keep going. After every CTRL+ALT+DEL in life, never regret! This is because that is what you wanted at that point of time.
Times change! So keep going and live your Life.

Life has its own way of making us smile especially at times when you lose hope, but certain surprises come your way just when you thought you would never smile again. ~ Maya

Remember ….Life is like a drama being played on his world’s stage. You just need to understand its plot. You are special, unique and nobody else can play your role better than you. 

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