Saturday, 4 February 2012

Loving message from an unborn baby

Message to Daddy

I feel so close to you for you are the one who gave me a marrow,
And when I come into this world, I want to see you become my hero.
Take your time Daddy for I know things you can do,
Daddy I love you for all that you have been through.

Mum replies

I had some glimpse of you Sweetheart while you were playing inside,
I know you too long for me to hold you and still you try to hide.
You’ve been the twinkle of our eyes, I remember your Dad say,
I keep dreaming of you and love you anyway.
Your Daddy’s not just a father but was also my friend,
Who I knew we could count till the end.
Like me he too wished to cuddle and hold you dear,
Now his Soul longs for and is always resting here.

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