Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mortals, Meaningful trials and on-the-spot Managers

From the learning & know how I have gathered from my own & other interactions, I am attempting to put across a feasible assessment of how does a Mortal evolve in adversity and emerge a good manager of his life.
Habitually mortals outline their reality through unhappiness and hardships. In adverse stages of life, when one has to accomplish conflict resolution, problem fixing, planning, decision making in wavering circumstances, one needs to not only consider analytical and logical aspects but also humane and well-being of a specific person or society. Most situations forces one to think a lot in order to weigh all the pros and cons before concluding to a final point. In due course, one may also feel that the brain is over working than even the most hi-tech machine in the world.

‘Quandaries and Deadlocks when occur, carry an advantage, that is …Force us to think’. ~Maya

Absolutely, we must understand that every mortal in the humankind undergoes several ‘hardships’, ‘sufferings’ or ‘predicaments’ which in some way are necessary for his evolution. In fact when one undergoes pain his way of thinking gradually becomes honest. When the thinking is honest, he becomes cognizant and a new consciousness awakens. Inside them are hidden, the experiences which enables one to develop. Hence, I call them ‘Meaningful trials’.
But somehow, most of us manage our life badly. These trials are not subjective, but its fruits are the impulses which help a Mortal to evolve into ‘the one’ who can challenge his trials and successfully manage his life by virtue of experience. This Mortal is a strong willed Soul who possesses self-control and a higher degree of intuition in his thought content & process. This presumes him to have a watchful, dynamic & visionary mind. He can easily detach from the situation, quickly put him in other’s shoes and can correctly assess the difference. He is simply able to view or review the alternatives without any prejudice and manifests a good blend of flexibility & determination. Hence, I call him ‘on the spot Manager’.
Human mind is very powerful but one needs to have moral orientation through self- introspection. Any change that calls for self-development should come voluntarily and one should just believe that it is for his own good.

 ‘You largely built your despair. It was never offered to you. Hence, you can destroy it’. ~ Maya

So just remember, whenever you are in any kind of adversity, think of the worst that can happen as in the imagined reality, dissect it and you might realize that you have the necessary resources to handle it.


  1. Hi Maya,

    I cannot expressly state how, but I can relate to this. Anyways, you have a unique way of expression which is realistic and encouraging at the same time. For me, the last line holds a lot of importance and sums up many things which do form a major part of every human life - especially in this era.

    Keep writing...



    1. Thank you for your kind comments.
      It means a lot to me.

  2. TYSVM.
    Appreciate your feedback.
    ..and keep reading ;-)