Saturday, 4 February 2012

Living life with panache by power of Silence

Silence is a true serene refuge and a way of persistently treating oneself and others to the therapeutic qualities of stillness. Such silence results into physical and mental tranquility or serenity.

Just as a still lake becomes a mirror to reflect the beauty of nature, silence reveals the beauty of our original nature. ~Maya

Invariably the basic attributes of every Soul are Love & Peace. Therefore, Silence or Stillness becomes a very naturally stimulating and a refreshing state of high energy & vitality. We must understand that it should not be mistaken with lifelessness or sleep or apathy or passiveness
When we are convoluted we cannot see. So fail to detach and view us as a separate self, and consequently identify body consciousness for what it is. The Mind that constantly babbles with all the turbulence comes to a cease. You will agree that when the intellect sprints, the body follows. Hence, Silence prevents loss of psychosomatic powers through fast activity. And in this "level of renunciation", it becomes clear that body consciousness is something foreign to me.

Watch the creative folks; they are so adept at this! A part within them has found the Silence. Some part of them is calm & quiet, while some part is filled with intense grace & energy.  So when you find them interacting with you, they are actually writing poetry or composing an email, painting or sorting out revenue figures. 
Just watch them in an overloaded office desk, a crowded marketplace or a boiler room, and they will gracefully smile with grace and just go “boom”. That’s because they have found the silence, and can be at ease anywhere. When they want to exit from a locked door they just take plunge and the realm doesn’t exist anymore for them. 
That’s living life with panache! If ever you get there, you join a magical group of exceptional souls. The silence is not just creative. It can attract reputation and luck too. Early enough, if you cherish it correct, it will promote you to great summit. 

Silence is a discipline for the soul that helps you monitor accurately and deal with the impact of each gaze, thought, impulse, word and action. ~Maya

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