Thursday, 31 May 2012

From where those clouds obtain ....?

This time each year, this being tired and anxious rather;
As the heat soars, several rainclouds in mind begin to gather.

Yet the body keeps going and for that reason the mind walks;
Nothing within the sweltering body, but only sweat talks.

At that moment, a cloud appears in front of the Sun;
A feeling of respite, swiftly cools and covers the region.

The crazy wind starts to run, like a child takes a race;
Leaping through the grounds, rooftops and all over the place.

The noon swooping into evening, although a part of routine play;
Quietly renovates into a wintry dusk, urging this respite to stay.

I wonder during this weather change, from where those clouds obtain;
Such a soothing coolness, even before the preview of rain.

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