Monday, 18 June 2012

The Letter

Although he knows there isn't any factual device to fathom his innermost feelings for her, he still seeks it and wants to grasp its ways. And one day he had let himself out to her in a letter, he wrote once….

· · ·

Dear , Do you remember our meetings, how difficult they used to be?
I know you now realise how oblivious you were to me.
I had let things go, wishing for your happiness and fulfilling my heart’s longing for you by focusing my selfish desires to be with you into perfection of unconditional love. There may come a time when we may no longer be able to talk, could look at each other’s eyes anymore, or even say ‘Hi’ to each other near the coffee machine.
Nevertheless, you know, there’s always someone who opens up the world for you and that moment offers a sense of our own existence. For me that moment, that someone was you. You’ve existed in various forms for me, be it real or reverie. You had some magic that awakened a sluggish me.  You changed my life. You are the reason for whatever I am today.
You like Music, you had told me one time,
And because you like, several songs in my mind use to chime.
You give me some hope I can’t define. You make my day with your every call or message. Your wittiness encourages me to be childish. You are so beautiful in every way possible!
We understand each other, we see through each other’s eyes, and we do trust each other with our naughty secrets some times. I know you can’t stop laughing even when we are arguing. I know I make you feel beautiful. I know what you may not know about you.
Those conversations always searched for your reciprocation,
And my Love relentlessly thrived on an anticipated affirmation.
So you see, if I knew you were to choose between me and him, I would approve you to choose him, because if you really loved me there wouldn’t be a choice. Well! If you ask me, did you do anything wrong?
The answer is, “No, not at all! “ When the Time is wrong, what else can get further wrong?
I remember when I was shattered and my time was at stake,
That entire night in your eyes, I could see the rain-clouds awake.
I still don't think that we are an accident.  I think that we were brought together at that time in our lives for something very exceptional.  And I can't wait to explore what life has in store for us.
Thank you for entering my life and taking the same bus that evening  when we said “hi” without getting to see each other.
Do you remember those signs and that moment in bliss?
Would you sustain this distance or live your silent promise?
Love you always!
This was the only letter he wrote to her, but never posted it!!

"When God made them, benevolence was about to undo,
He’d keep them with him, but he realized they needed each other too."

There will always be that silent, serene space in his heart just for her and for everything that they have shared.

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