Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Awaiting a cosmic performance..and I know its on the way!

As I am writing this blog, my eyes are looking up expectantly at the sky for those dramatic effects that the pre-monsoon thunderstorms arrive with. Each year I desperately wait for the monsoon, perhaps because it connects with me at a very instinctual level. And I believe monsoon is the only season that we really wait for.

Rain brings us respite as soon as the harsh heat melts into an outburst of wet joy. From my perspective, Rain is a cosmic performance proclaiming its love for the red earth. It’s an act of uninhibited superfluous towards the earth, who then mystically renovates into a completely drenched coherence with Mother Nature.
The rain encountered another rain in the clouds, and the showers led to shivers;
The trees swung in each other’s arms, and some chirping across the rivers.
Just as Rain represents Life, it has also become an imperceptible lover. We find plenty of music enunciating the longing that rain arouses and makes us yearn for a sense of entirety. Getting drenched in the rain is an act of loving rendezvous with Life. This fills me with nostalgia. And even as I attempt to capture the rains rhetorical feat, there will always be remnants of some feelings that can never be expressed in real life.
I reminisce that moment, that touch, that joy, as the rain spells fade;
Once again I feel rainy, and can’t let go those memories we’ve made.
Rains are always inviting and rejuvenate you with their every drop and every ounce of its potential is a promise of fruitfulness. Evidently, a decent monsoon is vital to our sense of well-being and drives our confidence about the instant future.
We are still smitten with the idea of the rain, we still look longingly at darkening clouds, but we get quickly satiated with the reality of rain. It gets too wet and full of mud, too inconvenient to walk on the road, it spoils our clothes, it blocks the roads, brakes the traffic and can bring metros to a standstill. Nevertheless, I would always love and look forward for rains no matter how much inconvenience they bring.
Last time the fading Rain said,” I’ll always see you in my every droplet”;
The mind then belonged to those raindrops and that promise I can never forget.
Our love for Nature is drying out and to bring us back to our agrarian roots, look who’s on its way!
“The Rains”
Welcome Monsoon with gratitude.

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