Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Truth much far away.

When we met, he was like an open wound, merely surviving,
A quiver from his touch, and my soul would begin it's craving.
Every pore came open with an ultimate dream,
Not knowing how, I believed that I knew about him.

Becoming oblivious to all the how's and why's,
Undefined, unconfined, the vibes had then begun to rise.

On a full moon night, the traces of hope came together,
Whilst at the sea, gathered sand was taking shape forever.

We were quietly gifted, blissful and carefree.
From many such lifetimes, this one was chosen to be.
Once when I looked in the mirror, I found myself in his disguise,
A tiny breakthrough had taken, reality by surprise.

The answers came in, when I found a shadow aside;
I wondered it's existence and where my emotions now reside.
Baffled in resentment, my soul is struggling to replete,
Not knowing whether the twain shall ever meet.
Why is the distance so near, and why does nearness disobey?
Bricked in the shadow, is a truth much far away.

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