Sunday, 5 February 2017

I knew the power of those moments.

She: Why am I sweetly suffocating?
He: Because you haven't yet given in?
She: Given in to what?
He: Your impulses.

He showed me that dream, and helped me rise,
He allowed me to love him, and moments to reprise.
Overlooking the sanity, a mystic was about to emerge,
My eyes had then found a sea to submerge.

She:You announced to publish something on THIS weekend for your readers?!
He: I got one life Honey, and I'm in no illusion that we're immortal.

When immense passion I witness in his brown seductive eyes,
It is the dance of my soul and where my strongest will lies.
This endless something that I breathe deep inside,
Propels me towards him and moments I have to abide.

She: What is this between us? Who are we to each other?
He: This is Freedom and that's what we are to each other.

And then he said to me, "When the curtains of love and joy will unveil,
We'll see us creating a future, and in its moments we'd always prevail."
I sometimes wonder, if Time knows about our feelings, fantasies and need,
For I knew the power of those moments, but Time just like him, loves speed.

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