Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Your last words sealed with a kiss..

Once upon a time, began a war from within,
Fighting hard as yet, but I lose to a sin.

Constantly drenched in things, never meant to be,
Trying to seek control, before I'd lose all signs of me.

In this time, hurting comes easy than to survive,
Such is this struggle, with immense strive.

Your touch tells me why, I 'd cry some tears,
Each night, even after many many years.

In that look in your eyes, there's nothing I don't know,
While I feel everything, Love lays itself, subdued and hollow.

A beautiful yesterday, repressed memories for today,
But a stray belief upholds, my tomorrow in someway.

Some tiny light inside, hopeful of a life, happy and good,
Wants to fill me with innocence, like I had in childhood.

Every time I ask myself, "Will I be able to live with this?",
Resurrects my hope, with Your Last Words sealed with a kiss.

"If I ever need a miracle, I will need your touch."

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