Monday, 1 July 2013

...And chirps my tickled brain.

Things are getting entangled, like a bunch of grey hair;
A tired me seeking for ways, resting in this armchair.

I cant believe within, the presence of an empty mind;
Constantly recycling, those crowded thoughts of every kind.

For what I miss often, is captured in my every heartbeat;
The love that forms me, restores my being and paces its heat.

I think its time for questions, let me introspect within;
I wish to know, what and how time has to bring in.

A sudden numb silence, is taking place of my speech,
For things once sought, are now seen out of reach.

With you around, I begin to bloom, I begin to beam;
But the noises in my head tell me, you're losing all the steam.

I wish a serene intimacy and everything in it, that does matter;
I wish I was in your arms, as your fingers allow my hair to scatter. 

As I pen this poem, looking outside in the rain;
My forehead feels that kiss, and chirps my tickled brain.


  1. This is visual poetry. Very beautiful. Deeply felt.

    Keep the ink flowing...

    - Siddharth

  2. Thank you Siddharth, for your encouraging words.
    It really helps.